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Do you feel worthy of your manifestation when it arrives? If you have not yet manifested what you are desiring, then it is likely that you still don’t believe that you deserve what you have requested. It is important that you complete Step #2 of my process where you will deal with self-love and self-talk.

You need to figure out if the million dollars was to magically appear in your bank account would you receive it graciously or would you question why it took so long to get there.


As discussed in the chapter on clarity and focus you need to be clear about what it is you are wanting. If you are continuously changing your mind about what you want, then the universe will not know what to send to you. Send a clear request, believe that it is going to arrive and receive it graciously.

When setting your intentions, you need to make sure that you set ones that are moving you towards your ultimate purpose in life and that these manifestations are not purely materialistic.


In order to manifest what you desire it is critical that you attend to your vibrations daily. It is important that you refrain from letting others crush your positive vibe and that you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones as much as you can.

If you are struggling to remember how to remain in the vortex then revisit the chapter on loving yourself which will give you more details about the mirror technique. This technique is one that I use every day to get me in the right vibration to stay within my vortex.

Remember it is when you are in this vortex that you are truly going to manifest everything you desire because it is the place where you are the most joyful, positive and optimistic and this is exactly what your higher-self desires when it sets about to manifest for you.


Did you know that when you talk to others about your desires that it lessens its vibrational effect? If you are truly wanting to manifest wealth and abundance, then don’t tell anybody until it has manifested.

Remember that not everybody is going to understand what you are doing and their negative approach to dealing with things or their black/white outlook on making money can put a spanner in your works and can alter your vibration. Therefore, it is best to keep it to yourself until it has manifested into reality.

If you really must talk to somebody then make sure that it is someone who is on the same page as you and is also on a journey of manifestation so that you can both remain positive and upbeat about the process.


When you send out a request to the universe for something that you are wanting to manifest, it is important to understand that “How” it manifests is not up to you. You may request $100,000 but it is not up to you as to how the universe sends it to you. It may send it to you via the lottery, via your current employment or even by an inheritance.

You have to remember that the universe has thousands of ways for you to manifest each of your desires and you have to trust that your higher-self will send you the manifestation through the path of least resistance.

If you are struggling to manifest your desires, you need to think long and hard about whether you are closed off as to the way your desire is to manifest. Are you constantly worried about it? Do you think to yourself “I don’t know how I could possibly manifest $100,000 with my current line of work because I barely make that in a year or two”? Don’t stress over it. Let go of resistance and the universe will find a way.


When you send a request out to the universe you need to realise that when it is manifested is not up to you. You can decide on the what and the why, but you must leave the how and the “when” to divine timing and to the universe.

209 Your higher-self is aware of the perfect time for you to manifest your desire in order to move you towards your ultimate purpose and therefore you need to trust that it will come to you but maybe not at the time that you are expecting it to.


Sometimes when we are really desiring something, we have a hard time being patient for it to arrive. We fail to let go and allow the universe to send it to us. How quickly you can manifest something will depend on how much resistance you have around welcoming the desires into your life.

Ask yourself right now if you are constantly obsessing over your desire and watching it like a hawk just waiting for it to happen. If so, the resistance will be too strong, and your manifested desire will not materialise. To stop this from happening you need to just trust that the universe is going to send it to you in exactly the right time, in divine timing.


When you cling too tightly to something, you will push it away from yourself and you will begin to place your happiness outside of yourself, therefore beginning to put limitations on the universe. Sometimes we may ask for something and expect that to arrive, but it doesn’t. Instead, the universe has sent something so much better and so much more in alignment with where you are going. If you are too attached to the outcome, then you will miss all these other opportunities that are popping up.

By exercising non-attachment, you demonstrate to the universe that you trust and have faith in the decisions it makes and that you believe your higher-self has your back. You will find manifestation will start to happen if you just fall back, relax, settle into what is, trust and open yourself up to receiving.


A mistake that we often make when we are trying to manifest wealth is focusing on our present reality instead of the nonphysical. What do I mean by that? Well, lets face it, when we are determining our financial status, we look at what is in our purse or in our bank account and we forget about the fact that our current financial situation is actually a result of our previous beliefs.

If you are still struggling to understand how the non-physical works, then please go back and revise chapter 5 which will explain it in detail and also read the chapter on altering your limited beliefs. It is time to understand that you can alter your future reality by changing these beliefs and remaining in the vortex as much as you can whilst reducing resistance to your wealth.


Emotions such as anger and resentment are going to do nothing but kick you out of the vortex as they are extremely low vibrations. They will do nothing more than bring about more anger and resentment, along with a whole host of other negative emotions.

You need to learn to forgive those that have hurt you and forgive yourself for not being perfect in your behaviour. As humans we all make mistakes and therefore, we must accept that there are going to be times when we may hurt others or hurt ourselves in the process. It is time to forgive yourself for that, apologise to the person that you have hurt and then move on to live the rest of your life in peace and tranquillity.

Fear is an emotion that can also block your success in life. Not only is it a negative emotion but it is also one which will stop you from moving outside of your comfort zone and will therefore minimize your expansion in the spiritual realm. No matter whether you have a fear of success or a fear of failure they must both be dealt with if you are going to progress on your journey of manifestation.

Our job on earth is to expand our consciousness, to learn lessons and to enjoy our life on the physical plane in the process. Fear will stop you doing that in your tracks, which will also stop you manifesting what it is you desire.

To learn how to deal with this fear and learn how to move out of your comfort zone then go to Step #9 of my process and complete the activities.


An obvious reason that you may be having trouble manifesting is that your focus has been weak. For days you focus intently on your desires and your vortex, you are feeling good and then all of a sudden something happens to kick you out of this place.

You lose focus on that which you desire and on feeling good and so suddenly it puts a halt on your manifestations until such time as you begin to focus once again and get back into your vortex.

Manifestation is a process that requires intense focus and attention.


You may have done some work on dealing with your limited beliefs but there may be some that are still lingering. They may be preventing you from truly believing and receiving the wealth into your life.

If you feel like you still have some limited beliefs around money or you are still having difficulty manifesting, then go back to Step #1 of the process and complete the activities again.


As we go through life, we like to find reasons outside of ourselves for why we are in the position we are in. We blame the economy, we watch the news and we listen to people who have a negative view of money. We fail to realise that we are in the situation we are in because of our past limited beliefs. Because we do not take responsibility for our actions then we fail to recognize that things need to be changed and we stay in the same situation, thinking it is out of our control.

It is time for you to look at yourself and the financial situation you are in now.

Please note: This article is from my book “Alter Your Money Mindset” which can be found on Amazon, which is why it is based on money, but it can be applied to anything you are wanting to manifest…