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This reading was done using the Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Question #1 – Angels, what can I do today to help release myself from limited beliefs surrounding money and allow all the abundance ready to come into my life?

The card I received for this was the #13 Peace Card with Archangel Azrael. His message is to release the past. There is a more enriching future coming. Let go and let god. To me he is telling me to trust in god as he will provide me with all that I desire. I must let go of past limited beliefs surrounding money, wealth and abundance and instead believe in the enriched future that is coming my way. YAY!!!

Question #2 – Angels, what can I do today that will help me move on my path towards fulfilling my ultimate purpose?

The card I received for this was the Eight of Michael. His message is: “You can be free! Make a courageous choice to change your situation. Not seeing things clearly.” He asks me to look past my fears and open my eyes to the opportunities in front of me. He says to commit to changing my circumstances and believe in my ability to move forward. I feel like this is telling me to let go of previous limiting beliefs and to take myself out of my comfort zone and start to create the videos and courses I have been holding myself back from.

Question #3 – Angels, what can I do today that will lift me into my highest vibration?

The card I received for this was the Ten of Michael. His message says “A situation has ended, and you are finally free. New opportunities for happiness will now follow. Put the past behind you.” So this was a little tricky to figure out because as I thought about it I couldn’t really figure out something that had ended because I had no relationships that had ended or trauma that had ended. So what was Michael trying to tell me. I believe what he is telling me is that the situation which has ended is the battle I have had with my body all these years. For years I have struggled with my weight on and off and have just now realised that it wasn’t the food or the exercise that was the problem because I ate no more than anyone else and exercised frequently, but it was the relationship I had with my inner being / superconscious that was causing me to retain this weight and have difficulty shifting it. It was the many years of schoolyard bullying and being told I was fat in previous relationships which had caused me to hold onto it for so many years. I still hadn’t shifted the belief that I was not meant to be overweight or it was not what source had intended for me. But that is what I am doing now.

I have asked him what I can do to lift myself into my highest vibration and this card is telling me that I need to listen to my higher self and recognise that I am beautiful just the way I am. I must focus on gratitude for the body I have and the health that I have and start seeing myself the way my higher self sees me. Anytime you start to look at yourself in the eyes of your superconscious and source, you will be at the highest vibration. So this is what I have been focusing on today and what I will focus on for the rest of my life.

So, tell me. Have you read your cards today? If so, can you let me know what questions you asked and what cards you pulled. It would be really interesting to hear about.