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Given that sleep plays such a huge role in our overall physical & emotional health, the better quality you get, the more benefits you will experience as a result.

1. Exercise regularly; something as simple as taking a brisk walk regularly can help improve sleep. Avoid doing aerobic type activity within 3 hours of bed time, as this will counteract the sleep enhancement benefits.

2. Cut down on coffee, especially later in the day and avoid chocolate, and/or high sugar snacks within 3 hours of bedtime.

3. Avoid alcohol before bed. Sounds contradictory given that alcohol is known to induce sleep, however this is a very deceptive practice in that it promotes ‘disturbed’ sleep and

therefore reduces the overall quality of a proper night’s sleep.

4. Bring bedtime as close to 10pm as possible, with the goal of actually being asleep by 10.30pm. This brings sleep pattern in line with the body’s natural rhythms and promotes the healthiest and best quality sleep possible.

5. Work on reducing stress wherever that may show up in your life. Having a daily practice to address this is optimal, such as regular meditation, time spent in nature, quiet reflection time, yoga or other more active de-stress practices, such as exercise classes, team sports, martial arts etc.

6. Have a ‘wind down’ time leading up to bedtime. Start to quiet the mind, prepare the body for restful sleep by having a nice warm soak in the bath, light some candles, burn some essential oils, drink chamomile tea. Watching the news or other stimulating sensationalism before bed is not going to promote peaceful sleep!

7. Have your bedroom a peaceful and restful environment, free from technology such as tv screens, laptops, i phones, and other technical devices. Unplug from the world in order to invite sleep to do its amazing work of rejuvenation.

If you are having difficulty with either falling asleep, or waking up and not being able to get back to sleep, it could be that your hormones are out of balance.

It could be time for a consultation to get you back on track and sleeping quality and regenerative zzzz’s again.

I’d love to connect & help you.


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