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How do I overcome adversities?

By singing ABC’s.

Not like Michael Jackson used to sing it and not the whole alphabet. Just ABCs.

Why the ABCs you asked? These letters are acronyms for (A) Accept Adversities, (B) Begin Battling, and (C) Conquer Challenges.

When we (A) Accept Adversity that’s coming our way no matter how big or how small the quicker we can prepare for the challenge so relief and healing can start. We’re all going through something at different times in life, some people struggle more than others while some people experience less trials for whatever reasons.

What might seem trivial to some people might be huge in others’ lives. For example, stubbing your big toe getting up in the middle of the night going to take care of business may only be a sore toe and loss of sleep but it could be a life complication event for someone else.  What? You may be wondering.

What if the person has brittle bone disease and now has multiple fractions or what if the person has a Hemophilia disease meaning their blood can’t clot so their toe is bleeding internally and its more than just a bruise? Don’t underestimate someone’s problems and don’t compare your tragedies with the world because we all are different and we react, prepare, and handle thing in our own unique ways. 

Sometimes our difficulties, struggles, hardships, challenges, or adversities are products of our decisions. We’re human and sometime we goof up and we make the wrong decisions in life, it happens, and what do we do then? We learn from that mistake and try not to ever do it again and then we move forward. Life’s experiences are the best teacher.

More times than not we make the right decisions but we suffer from someone else’s bad judgement. Such as we made the right choice of going to church, to a ball game, to the movies, to visit grandma and granddad and before you know it you are plowed by a drunk driver, someone intoxicated with drugs, or just someone speeding down the highway. Now, we have to suffer from their consequences.

Whatever it is we’ve must accept the adversity before we can move on. Don’t bury your head in the sand and ignore the situation because problems are not going away. We need to be aware so we can do something to answer the situation and move forward. So, Accept Adversities.

Next, (B) Begin Battling after we accept the adversity. No matter what the situation is we can prepare to deal with it and hopefully destroy it.

What do we do? We begin battling. How do we begin the battle? Believe it or not, I guarantee there’s somebody that’s been through whatever you may be going through and there will be people who will go through it in the future.  

With the world at the tip of our fingers through the internet, we need to reach out, talk, learn, and strategize about how to prepare to defeat our circumstances.  Swallow your sinful pride, I say sinful pride because I want to do things all by myself, but sometimes we have to ask for help and by asking requires us to swallow our pride.

Find a doctor, nutritionists, psychologists, psychiatrists, fitness expert, whatever is needed, there’s plenty of people out there that can help.

Find an organization, a group, an association that can help. Talk to your friends, family members, and neighbors or maybe they are able to suggest a friend of theirs that’s been through your challenge. After discovering a solution, it’s time for “C.”

(C) Conquer Challenge while going full steam ahead. After this we’re not going to run from our adversity, if you bury your head, problems are getting worst but your head is going to get full of sand or dirt. Just adding to your predicament.

Take action and keep persevering while staying positive. Whether you win or lose, learn from it, such as what worked or didn’t work, that way you can be better prepared for the next event. It was said Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times trying to get the light bulb to work. But he said, “I didn’t fail 10,000 times, I found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

So, if and when you fail at something, learn from the experience. It’s not that you didn’t learn anything from it you learned what’s not working and then try to find a way it will work.

Each challenge we face try to kick its teeth in and win. Then we build our self-esteem, our character, our integrity, and inner strength to be stronger to face the next adversity that comes along.

I hope you have a bless life and have very few challenges and adversities in life but if you’re like me – they’re going to come. Just be prepared for them, stay positive and maintain perseverance to the fullest. Remember, do something today, tomorrow, or something next week that will help you Persevere Past your Paralysis.

To learn more about James, visit Professor of Perseverance. You may also contact him through email, James@professorofperseverance.com or call 615 – 336 – 2181

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