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When we are born into this world we are born with a clean slate. It is not until we start to associate what our parents and other authority figures have told us, that we start to form our own hidden beliefs, which in most cases are not accurate at all.

The beliefs we hold will literally determine what we manifest in our lives. Growing up, we are often told by our “authority” figures what we should and shouldn’t believe. We grow up mimicking what our parents have done because we have adopted their beliefs and their value system – good or bad.

Therefore, if the beliefs we are holding are beliefs that you must work hard to achieve success, that you were just born to be fat because your whole family is fat, or that money is scarce and therefore you will never be rich, then that is exactly what you are going to attract into your reality.

Now it is time to change your belief and value system to beliefs that are actually going to help you reach your greatest desires and not hinder them. The beliefs and values that you have now is literally sculpting and shaping your reality as we speak, and this will happen on a moment by moment basis.

It is important to understand that the people you are attracting into your life and the experiences that are showing up in your reality are based on your deep-seated beliefs and values and the vibrations that you are offering up to the universe.

What you get in life is determined purely by what you believe is possible for you. If you don’t believe that manifestation is possible and that you are able to achieve millions of dollars then it won’t happen. However, if you understand that money is purely energy and therefore is available for the taking and that you are entitled to the money as much as anybody else then manifestation will occur.

If you are setting yourself manifestation goals, you must make sure that the goal is within your current belief system. If you don’t believe that you could earn $10,000 in the next day, then don’t make that one of your goals (at least until you learn more and you change your belief system around that). You may believe that you could earn $10,000 in the next 30 days. So how about you focus on that goal. By believing in it you are now able to start manifesting it.

By simply being part of the human race, you are entitled to be successful and you are entitled to be wealthy. You are entitled to be healthy and to be vitally happy. All you need to do now is change your beliefs to make sure that happens.

There are many ways that you can change your core beliefs to those which are going to help bring your greatest desires into your reality.

The good thing about beliefs is that they are all able to be changed, managed or replaced. However, what often trips us up is the fact that we don’t often even recognise that we are harbouring these limited beliefs.

Once we recognise that these beliefs are limiting, we can alter them by utilizing a variety of different strategies. You can change them by using affirmations, you can use hypnosis and you can even use subliminal recordings. These are three of my favourite strategies for changing my limited beliefs about money.

But before we get into those strategies and how you can utilize them for your own benefit, let’s go into some of the most common beliefs you may have yourself …

Belief #1 – Money is a Limited Resource

Let me ask you… If money was so limited, then why are there more and more millionaires evolving every day? I will tell you why… It is because more and more people are beginning to realise that money is not scarce and there is an infinite supply of money around us every single second.

It is unfortunately the constant barraging from the media and the government telling us that our economy is bad, that homelessness is rampant and that people simply can’t survive which signals to us that there is a definite mindset of scarcity around the world.

It is our job to realise that this is simply their perception and that the more people focus on this lack mindset, the worse the economy is going to be worldwide. However, remember that economy is an individual thing that is within all of us and we are able to change our economy by implementing the steps in this book.

We tend to believe that when we have more money that means somebody else must have less. But this is simply not the case. There is more than enough for everybody. Trillions of dollars are being exchanged every single day around the world and therefore there is an abundance of money and not a lack.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“There is more than enough money in this world for everybody to be a millionaire, if not a billionaire. Money is unlimited and available in infinite quantities to everyone.”

Belief #2 – I have to work hard to make money/become rich

If you come from a working class family where your mum and dad work 9-5 jobs and come home at the end of the day exhausted, then it is likely you have the limited belief that in order to earn money you need to work hard, and often at a job you don’t enjoy.

As you will learn throughout this book, money is simply an exchange for value. As there are unlimited ideas in this world, there is also unlimited potential for wealth and abundance.

As you start to realise that you don’t have to work hard every day, but focus on inspired action, then you will also start to see your money pouring in. You will start to have moments of inspiration come into your mind which will signal you to take a particular action step. This action step will bring you the desires that you have asked for, which in this case is incredible wealth.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“By providing incredible value to others, they are more than happy to pay whatever amount of money I ask for.”

Belief #3 – I can’t control how much money I make and how wealthy I become…

You should know by now that you are in complete control of who you are and what financial situation you are in at the moment. Believing that you have no control just leaves this control up to your employer, the economy and those outside of yourself.

If you don’t like how your life is going right now, then it is time to change it. Stop blaming others for your life and make the changes necessary. Start figuring out your passions and purpose and then move towards that by focusing on inspired action instead of forced action.

Start implementing the steps in this book and begin taking inspired action and you will start to see incredible changes start to happen.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“I create my own life and therefore I can take inspired action and create as much wealth as I desire.”

Belief #4 – Money is the root of all evil

If you truly believe this then there is no way that you will become wealthy. Why would you expect the energy of money to come to you if you believe that money is evil.

Often this belief is created and instilled in you by an authority figure because they are trying to blame others for the financial situation they are in. They blame money or the lack of money as being the reason why their life is not working out for them.

Money is not evil and is in fact an incredible resource that will allow you to do all you want to do with your life.

Now, in saying that, if a greedy person just manages to become wealthy then they can certainly use the money to create instead of solve problems.

However, they will not hold onto that money for long because money likes to circulate around those that are trying to better the world, not make it worse.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“Money is an incredible resource that will allow me to do everything I want in life and create the change I want to see in the world.”

Belief #5 – I need to work in a 9-5 job to make money and therefore have to give up what I really want to do…

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, pursuing your passions is going to bring money to you at a much greater pace because it will keep you within the vortex and feeling good rather than being resentful for what you are doing.

Now, I am not saying that you should go out right now and quit your day job, but what I am saying is that you should continue to work on that which excites you and makes you feel good. If that means that you work on your passion after hours then do that until you are bringing in enough money that you can quit your day job.

Once you have an abundance mindset you will start to realise that money does not actually come to you from your job but it actually comes to you through your job. Create a different avenue and money will come to you through that too.

All you need to remember is that if you create value for others and you respect money the way it deserves to be respected, then you can expect it is going to appear in your reality.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“Pursuing my passion allows me to create incredible value for others, stay within my vortex and bring unlimited wealth into my reality.”

Belief #6 – It is not fair, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer…

Have you ever wondered why it is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is not because the rich are greedy and the poor are just down on their luck but it is because of the difference in their mindsets.

The wealthiest people in the world are wealthy because of how they view money. They know that they are born to be wealthy, they never worry about money and they are out trying to provide value to others.

However, the poor tend to have a scarcity mindset who believes that there is never enough money to go around. They are under the impression that those who are wealthy are greedy and they will often spend a lot of time outside of the vortex while feeling emotions such as jealousy, envy and discontentment.

Where do you want to stand? You have as much right to be wealthy as anybody else. Believe that you are capable of it and you will be…

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“I have as much right to be wealthy as anybody else and I refuse to allow a scarcity mindset to stop me from being as wealthy as I desire.”

Belief #7 – I must save for a rainy day because I never know what the future holds

OK, so you may be worried about the economy and what your financial future holds and it may be this exact worry and this exact belief which is stopping you from creating the level of wealth you are desiring.

As money is an infinite resource and is available to all of us in unlimited quantities it stands to reason that you also never have to worry about how much you have.

You may look in your wallet or purse and use the current reality of lack to money to make you feel like money is scarce and that you must hold onto whatever you have. However, it is your previous beliefs that dictate your future reality so it stands to reason that you should change today’s beliefs to alter the future of tomorrow.

Money is meant to be circulated and as such does not like to be hoarded for too long. As you would have read in the section on “Giving” you will notice that the more you give, the more you receive. If you go past a homeless person who is asking for money you may think to yourself “I can’t afford it, I need to save my money in case I need it later.”

However, if you were to just use that money to do something good for somebody, you would have more arrive in the most unexpected ways. If you trust in source you will never go without.

Therefore, you do not need to hoard your money away. You can spend with confidence knowing that you have more coming. Although it is always good to have some put aside as a responsible way to manage your money, when you worry about it and save feeling like you are going to be without, then it tells the universe that you believe that it is a scarce resource.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“Money is meant to be continuously circulated and therefore I do not need to worry about spending it when I desire.”

Belief #8 – I can’t have everything. I can be either rich or happy.

This is one of the most warped beliefs out there. People get this belief from the fact that they believe the rich are not happy. Yes, there are some wealthy people out there that are not happy but that is most likely because they have become wealthy in ways that do not align with their values and their lives are out of balance.

You can most definitely be both happy and wealthy. It is important that you maintain balance in all areas of your life and you will maintain a level of fulfilment and happiness that you never thought was possible.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“I have the right to be both wealthy and happy. Money will allow me to have experiences in life which gives me both fulfilment and happiness.”

Belief #9 – I am selfish if I want more money.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring for yourself to have more in your life. Having a belief such as you being selfish if you want more money is simply not true.

If it is your ego telling you that you want more money because you want the latest car, you want the latest house and you want all the possessions in the world, then this abundance may be shortlived.

However, if your reason for wanting more money is to continue providing more and more value to others then it is definitely not selfish and it is absolutely your right to ask for all the wealth you desire because of it.

So, instead of this belief you can say:

“The money I earn is attracted to me because of the value that I provide to others and I am most deserving of all that I receive.”

So, now that I have gone over 10 beliefs that you may be struggling with, it is important that you go through them and figure out which ones are in your current belief system.

Then you can use any of the following techniques to help you change these beliefs:


Affirmations are becoming increasingly popular as a way to change limited beliefs because they are uplifting, inspiring and so simple to use. Whether we realize it or not, we use affirmations every day, even if we are not conscious that we are doing it.

Affirmations are the words, thoughts and feelings we have which relates to ourselves and our lives. We can either focus on positive affirmations or we can affirm things which are detrimental to our existence.

For instance, saying terms like “I hate my life” is only going to bring you more reasons to hate your life. But turning that around and saying “I love my life” instead will change your perception of your life and will bring more reasons to love your life.

Studies have found that most people who are unhappy do not use affirmations at all and most likely have never heard of them.

So, what is the secret to affirmations? Why are they so helpful when it comes to altering your limited beliefs? Affirmations train your brain to believe something different. However, in order for this to work you need to repeat the same affirmation over and over again. In order to alter the negative belief that you once had you need to replace it with the positive one and repeat it over and over again.

You must repeat your affirmations at least once a day, but if you say it multiple times every day then you will change your negative beliefs a lot quicker. Find different ways of placing these affirmations in front of you.

Many say that affirmations don’t work because you are trying to trick yourself into believing something which you know you are not.

For instance, saying “I am a millionaire” when you know you are struggling may be a little farfetched for you and you may struggle to accept that affirmation.

Instead you need to alter it to something that is more general and more believable to you. Instead, you could say “I have unlimited money coming to me from multiple sources on a daily basis.”

When you say your affirmation, you need to feel the feelings that the words stir inside you. How does it feel to have a lot of money? How would the affirmation make you feel? Without feeling the feelings, these affirmations are not going to be effective.

Some repetition strategies you can use include:

1) Write your affirmations on yellow cards and place them in your wallet/purse, car, on your desk and anywhere else that you look at frequently.

2) Place stickers on your mirrors with your affirmations written down and say them to yourself every time you brush your teeth, do your hair or look in the mirror.

3) Spend 15 minutes every morning writing your affirmations repeatedly. Writing your affirmations with a pen and paper seems to ingrain these into your brain at a quicker rate than just saying them over and over. I like to do both.

If you would like some examples of affirmations you can use for changing your money mindset, then be sure to check out my book “101 Wealth Affirmations you can use to Alter Your Money Mindset”.


The second strategy that I use regularly to change my limited beliefs is hypnosis. I use self-hypnosis because I can create my own hypnosis tracks (as I am a certified hypnotherapist too).

However, there are many hypnoses tracks out there that are designed to help you move away from your limited beliefs to ones that are more positive.

It allows you to go into an alpha state which is more receptive to the affirmations that you place within it. Self-Hypnosis is a strategy that I use on a daily basis and I find it very beneficial.


Like with hypnosis, subliminal recordings are used to help reprogram limited beliefs through the simple use of repetition. I like to record subliminal messages behind my favourite you tube audiobooks or seminars or behind music which I find to be particularly beneficial to my happiness and wellbeing. The power of music with manifestation is something that is covered in great depth within the AYMM mini course.

Basically, with subliminal messages, they basically take the affirmation and record it behind some audio at such a low volume that we can’t consciously hear it but your subconscious mind can still hear it.

Please note: This article is from my book “Alter Your Money Mindset” which can be found on Amazon, which is why it is based on money, but it can be applied to anything you are wanting to manifest…