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Aries - The Uncomplicated and Direct Starsign

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The Aries person wants to stand out and they have the will to succeed. They are generally uncomplicated and direct (although I know Aries that are really complicated), with the ability to handle the day to day problems in life. They are able to see the essential elements of important decisions and they discard the rest. They are also a fire element so can have a fiery personality.


The Arian tends to rush into decisions quickly and so spend much of their life learning lessons the hard way. If you are an Aries, it is likely that achievement is a big thing for you and when you lack achievement in your life - whether through life experiences, studies or work then you can actually become physically or psychologically sick. Because of this desire to achieve, sometimes you can be selfish and put yourself above other people (although I do not believe this is necessarily a bad thing).


As a partner, the Aries are extremely passionate people and sexually they need to feel fulfilled. As Aries people can be quite fiery, it is important that the partners are lively and capable of reacting well to this fieriness. In many couples sexual intimacy may diminish as you get older, however to an Aries it is very important that this sexual connection is maintained through middle age and old age too. 

The Arian Child

You will find that if you have a child that is an Aries, they will become enthusiastic about a lot of things, but shortly after getting those things, the enthusiasm quickly fades. Be very cautious about spending too much money on the latest and greatest gadget or craze, because they will move to the next phase quickly. As the Aries child is highly impatient, you may find that school is an issue. However, once they fail once or twice and they see their friends progressing at a rapid rate then they will pick up their game. Parents, when it comes to disciplining your Aries child, it is important to remember that they are powerful personalities and they do not align with restrictive discipline. Therefore, they will rebel against regulations that don't make sense.

The Arian Parent

As parents, the Arian is delightfully simple, with childlike natures that are never suppressed. They find no difficulty in tuning in to their children's emotions and are happy to encourage them in their enterprising ways. As an arian parent, make sure that you do not push your own interests onto your children. 


Freedom of Expression is very important to the Aries. They try to avoid mundane and boring jobs as much as they can and they require variety in their careers. As an Aries they will most likely gravitate towards noisy, busy environments, as opposed to stuffy, claustrophobic ones. Careers that the Aries may gravitate towards include: engineering, electronics, armed services, psychiatry or dentistry. However, as Aries like to be the centre of attention, they may pursue any pioneering job in front of the crowds. Aries are highly ambitious and the achievement of the ambition is actually more important to the Aries than the ambition itself. Once they have completed something, they move onto the next thing and say "what next"? Aries is a star sign that actually resonates with entrepreneurship because they can be very enterprising. However, they must be cautious of not being too hasty.

Approach to Change

Unlike the Leo star sign discussed in yesterdays post, the Aries sign takes change in their stride and are especially comfortable with it if progress and achievement is dependent on it. Their lively spirit will accept the challenges put before them.

Leisure Time

As the Arians are high achievers, they are not big fans of leisure because they feel like if they are not being productive and moving towards a goal, then they are wasting time.


The view of the Arian is that they will relax when they retire. However, this relaxation only lasts a week or two before they start to establish old hobbies or make new ones. They are just not capable of sitting around doing nothing.


The head is the organ of the Aries. It is important that they are very careful that they do not move too quickly or injury may occur. More haste, less speed is the motto for the Aries. Exercise is very important for the Aries to keep them healthy and happy and although they have hearty appetites they should avoid spicy food as much as they can because it is not good for them (no matter how much they love it).