Jennifer Matthews 15th September 2021

2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Crystal Davis

Find Your Divine Message with Crystal A. Davis—Awakened Visionary Business Mentor and Coach. Crystal is a spiritual teacher, speaker, and Mentor and Coach that helps Spiritual Entrepreneurs awaken to their Soul’s highest purpose and Stand Out and Shine as the Crystal Clear You—for More Clients, More Money and More Life.

After years of feeling lost and unsure of her place in the world, Crystal left a six-figure strategic planning job with the FBI and embarked upon a spiritual journey where she struggled with networking, marketing, and making money in her business. Now she delivers her Stand Out and Shine Magnetic Success Transformation SystemTM to help her clients complete their personalized Unique Brilliance Blueprint and consciously attract more clients, more money, and more of the life that they love.

  • Who your inner child is and how they can be blocking your success;
  • What the 7 axis of self mastery are;
  • How to clear your subconscious blocks with inner child healing; and
  • How you can link your healing to your human design.