021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Dave Boddy

Dave Boddy is an experienced public speaker, life coach, writer, and concussion awareness activist. For 9 years he has dedicated his life to helping youth and families strengthen their emotional intelligence, set goals and grow internally to become the best version of who they are.

On a personal note he is currently Training in Catch Wrestling with the goal to become a Catch Wrestler to help youths and families. He is a former TV series producer for 2 seasons, and a former professional security officer of 8-years.

  • What emotional intelligence is;
  • Why teens and youth have a difficult time developing this skill;
  • What the link is between emotional intelligence and resilience;
  • How Dave used emotional intelligence to cope with and deal with his 15 concussions, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation;
  • How Dave used the struggles of 2020 to turn the corner; and
  • Strategies and Questions you may consider when coaching youth dealing with depression or anxiety.

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