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As an Angel Healing Practitioner, and as part of my own healing journey from anxiety, chronic fatigue and depression, I asked the Angels to guide me through the process of writing an inspirational message regarding inner peace to share with you.  The Angels gave me the analogy of designing my own website for inner peace and I was impressed with this correlation, as they took me back to memories I have of when I began the creation of my own inspirational and spiritual website in 2015, Humanity With Heart at www.brendarachel4angels.com, of which I had no experience at all.  I was a novice at computer technology and didn’t even really understand the implications of what a website was or what capacity was available within that website to reach people.  Here are some inspirational creativity tips I use, which you may find useful in designing your own website for inner peace, should you choose to do so.

  • As with creating any website, a web host must be chosen.  This is where our website will be hosted, designed and accessible to us at any time.  For my Inner Peace website, I use the web host, DivineDesign.com. This is where I initiate daily, (sometimes by the minute or hourly), communications with Spirit to receive inspiration for ways in which I can create inner peace throughout my day and/or night.  My anxiety is triggered and I become very disconnected from my own inner peace when my safety feels threatened.  This can be initiated from any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual imbalance.  I am blessed to know when I am in need of help and support to rebalance my inner peace, I now have my Inner Peace website to immediately go to.
  • I have chosen as my website domain name for inner peace, IAmAtPeace.com.  Every time I visit my Inner Peace website, I am reminded this is an inspirationally creative space designed by me, for me, through me and is all around me in every moment.  I have full accessibility, 24/7, to inner peace and the line to Spirit is always open and ready to receive my call, whether it be to help fix a current issue or to support and guide me through a particular situation that is uncomfortable or unfamiliar to me.
  • As I open the main page of my website, IAmAtPeace.com, I see it is blank and I realize I am able to design whatever I want on it.  It is a clean slate and anything can be added or deleted at any time.  I can use graphic images, text boxes, highlighted messages and/or videos of photos and quotes the Angels channel to me constantly for my own inspirational and spiritual work I do for them as their “Messenger of Hope”.
  • I select certain SEO’s, Spiritually Enlightening Options, which are words or phrases I choose to use as my key to transport me from a place of negative thinking into a positive place of inner peace, where my world can instantly be brought into enlightened transformation.  Some of the phrases I use are I Am Safe in this Moment, I Am Held in the Angels’ Arms, God is My Source, Divine Intervention is Here Now, I Am Present, I Am Loved by Spirit, Only Good Prevails in this Matter, Everything is for My Highest and Best, I Am Protected at All Times and Thank You, God!

Angel Blessings,

Brenda Rachel