If you have ever wondered what a twin flame is and how you can magnetize your twin flame back into your life, then this episode is for you. Today I am talking to Elle Hari, a Twin Flame and Ascension specialist that helps you to eliminate the fear, connect with your soul and then by doing so, magnetizing this twin flame to you. I am excited to talk about this and excited to hear about Elle’s story because I know that she has experienced the pain of losing somebody from her life, only to bring them back once she established true connection with herself.

In this interview we will cover:

1.     Elle's story.

2.    What the term ascension means.

3.     What a twin flame is and how we may begin to know who our twin flame is.

4.     What push energy is and how it may be stopping you from manifesting your twin flame.

5.      The concept of the world being an illusion and the importance of us going with the flow?

6.      Tips as to how we may move away from this fear and move towards love by eliminating negativity in our lives.

7.       What part emotions play when it comes to being able to attract your twin flame?

8.       So much more...

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