If you have been around spiritual teachings for a while you would have heard of the law of cause and effect or the law of karma. I don’t know about you but I grew up hearing the terms “what you put out is what you get back” and pardon the language but “karma’s a bitch”. It wasn’t until I learnt more about it and I experienced a very painful karmic relationship that existed from previous lives that I recognised that karma is not actually a bitch it is an incredible learning lesson that allows you to truly evolve and grow as a person. Whether you believe in past lives or not doesn’t really matter because no matter what you do, the law works and we are all responsible for that which happens in our lives.

It was me finally closing the karmic cycle that has now allowed me to grow as a human being and a soul. I always wondered why I was continuing to repeat the same cycles of codependency over and over again. It wasn’t until this karmic came into my life and tested me that I finally awoke and rebuilt my self worth and self esteem and to this karmic I am eternally grateful because without them I would still be the codependent person that relies on other people to fill that gap that I needed to fill myself. If we do not learn the lessons the first time, the universe and source will start knocking even louder and put harder situations in front of us to get us to finally take action. It may be painful but it is one of the most empowering situations to go through because now I can be a better version of me for my husband and my kids – not to mention all that I am trying to help.

So now that you have learnt a little about my story let me point out the power of perspective. When we go through a karmic experience often we fail to take responsibility for what is happening and instead start throwing hate and distaste at the other person. However, you will notice that I said I was grateful for the experience. What you get out of a difficult situation in your life is all dependent on how you look at it. The universe is not out to get you, source is not there to punish you. As a soul we are here to evolve and to grow and without being challenged with lessons and opportunities how can we possibly do that. The good news is that once you have learnt that lesson you do not have to go through it again. This is one reason why I am so passionate about connecting with source and with my higher self because then I can hear the messages that are sent to me.

So what happens if we are dealt a hand of hurt, abuse, trauma and pain? Do we lash out at all those that have hurt us only to bring more negative karma to our lives or do we look for a lesson within it, be grateful for what you have learnt and figure out how you can have a positive outlook that will bring you positive karma. We have the ability to dictate what our future looks like but that is all dependent on the attitude and the mindset that you adopt. Once I started recognising that those that hurt me were simply instruments through which I was receiving my karma I learnt to forgive them and be grateful that their soul agreed to take on that task and I recognised that by doing so they were also agreeing to be dealt their own hand of karma as well.

So if you are in those difficult situations or painful experiences take a look and see if maybe there is a lesson in there for you to learn. Go within and have faith that you are strong enough to handle anything that is dealt to you and appreciate that you have been blessed with the opportunity to close that karmic cycle. I know I am…

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