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Definition of Pandemic found in the Miriam-Webster Dictionary
(?) occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population

Communicating with the Angels, I was guided to share this inspirational message of how our world could become centered in calm and how fear would dissipate if each of us inhabiting this planet was able to turn our thoughts inwardly toward the center of our core being, breathing quietly for a moment and becoming so focused on every breath that we would be able to feel peace in this moment. Knowing it is only this moment that exists at this time for us, called Now, and each moment thereafter and thereafter is an opportunity for us to consciously make a choice to connect with this state of peace, and while experiencing this spiritual connection, (as being at peace is very connected to having a spiritual experience), we ask our Great Creator of this Universe, or whomever we choose to turn to for our spiritual guidance, for global harmony to prevail, so a united earth will be created where all persons can live together peacefully. This is what is referred to as a (H)armoniously (U)nited Humandemic, occurring globally and affecting everyone, having no discrimination of any kind; it is inclusive of all religions, all colour, all nationalities and all sexual identification, it is not dependent on any financial or educational status, and has no exemption whether a leader or a follower, nor does it matter in which hemisphere one resides.

It is possible, by each of us, in our own corner of the world, becoming aware of the things we need for survival, to live in a place of safety and maintain harmony in our respective environments. These basic needs are water, shelter, food, (in the Western World it is becoming more apparent that it is toilet paper, which is creating chaos in stores, hoarding and reselling for a surplus profit), and clothing (in most civilizations).

During our current COVID19 Virus pandemic, in the face of great global upheaval, leading to insurmountable fear, causing mass hysteria, creating drastic restrictions being implemented on almost every business sector and industry in many countries, culminating in incredible financial losses in both personal and business sectors, accelerating hoarding behaviour, and depriving much of the global population from living a normal daily routine, as known to them, I would like to suggest that perhaps it is time for us all to get back to the basics of our spiritual core values. These are love, kindness, compassion, caring, consideration, respect, tolerance and understanding.

As we come to understand one another better in the face of adversity or from unprecedented challenges, our tolerance becomes more generous with whom we bestow it upon, knowing that we are all in a similar situation, just living in different environments. Global calm and peace can prevail if we extend our hand in kindness, creating compassion in each other’s hearts, generating a new-found respect from which we can be more caring and considerate of each other. Most of us reside on this planet within some proximity to another human being, which gives each and every one of us the opportunity to be more loving and kind. If we were able to open our hearts to be more accepting of the differences between us, then just imagine how our bond would flourish if we embraced the similarities amongst ourselves.  We truly would be experiencing a (H)armoniously (U)nited Humandemic on Our Planet Earth! Oh, What a Wonderful World This Would Be!

With Love From The Light,
From My Heart To Yours,
Angel Blessings,
Brenda Rachel

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