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Driving through a tunnel can be fun! I know as a child, I always looked forward to our family summer holiday as we would go camping and I loved camping! Our road trip always took us through numerous tunnels to get to our favorite campsite. My siblings and I would be yelling in the back seat of the car, with the windows rolled down, to see if our voices would echo within the tunnel walls. Some tunnels were long, short, curved with no light, straight and well lit, some with no end in sight and some, once entered, were through it immediately. The one thing I knew for sure was that I was always happy to be out of any tunnel, as I felt very claustrophobic, cut off from everything I could see and I disliked being in the darkness intently. I knew, intuitively, I never wanted to get stuck in a tunnel!

Drawing insight from my childhood tunnel experiences, I quickly realized how much of my adult life has been spent living in “tunnel vision” which, for me, has been caused by confining myself to limiting thoughts, producing limited results, due to my inner voice echoing that there was only one way to move forward through my journey on my road of life and it was the one I was currently on. I was not able to expand my field of outer vision because my spiritual light had been dimmed or become inaccessible without guidance and direction from Spirit.

Through my many disabilities, both physically and emotionally, and numerous near-death situations, the first one at age 4, and another – a conscious suicide attempt in May, 1996 where, through Divine Angelic Intervention I didn’t die, I have been through numerous tunnels of darkness and experienced many moments of fear. I have always had a deep spiritual connection, so inwardly knew that Spirit was guiding me but, at times, the earthly challenges had become too much for me and my body became broken and my exterior light extinguished.

Now, in my dark times, when I become claustrophobic through my anxiety paralyzing me with fear and I am not able to see anything clearly nor able to put one logical thought in front of the other, I immediately ask Spirit to show me the way. I know, at this moment, my tunnel vision is impairing me from proceeding with the Light, that my inner vision needs correction and Spirit will guide me through this process.

What I have gleaned from being blessed with being guided by Spirit’s Light and given sight to have found a way out of my tunnel vision, is that I am eternally grateful to Spirit every day knowing that I am given the insight necessary for me to proceed on my journey, so that no matter what road of life I am travelling on, however long or short it is, whether it is a continuous straight line or has some increasingly difficult curves to maneuver, all I have to do is connect with the Light that Spirit is shining for me, guiding me safely to my destination. I now trust that my tunnel vision is no longer an impediment and that my inner vision has complete clarity. I am, at this moment in time, able to enjoy a peaceful journey as I travel on my road of life.

With Love From The Light,
From My Heart To Yours,
Angel Blessings,
Brenda Rachel

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