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Hello, to all beautiful souls who have found their way to this post. My name is Vonne Solís. As a bereaved mom of my only daughter who died by suicide in 2005, at the age of 22, I’ve had a desire to heal. Through my journey, I found my passion empowering other people struggling with loss, grief or another painful or traumatic life event who want to heal too. As part of my soul contract on this planet, I have a purpose to fill any gap I see as necessary to help change consciousness in the various fields of work I do. And I love what I do!

Until my daughter died, I was successful at manifesting whatever I wanted and needed in my life, having worked with spiritual and metaphysical principles for nearly 25 years. After my daughter died, I lost my identity. I was traumatized, confused, alone and desperate to find answers for her choosing her death. I didn’t know how I could or would ever be able to end my suffering.

I credit the angels for saving my life. I had worked with them for several months before my loss, so it was natural that three months after Janaya’s suicide, amidst my intolerable suffering, the angels began gifting me the healing practice that would become the foundation for all of my future work. Over time, they helped me develop a much deeper understanding of the Divine at work in our lives that we can call on 24/7 when we know how. They also helped me accept it was the birth of my daughter that brought me to my spiritual journey and her death that ultimately transformed it, which was part of the soul contract between us. For this, I feel gratitude, despite wishing the lessons could have come to me differently.

Pain can keep us from not wanting to allow or even admit to any good things happening in our lives. I admit it’s been an incredible journey for me to this point on a road filled with twists and turns, ups and downs. Through it all, I’ve experienced amazing opportunities and all the life changes I’ve needed; each one arriving at just the right moment I’ve been ready for growth. I’ve also experienced powerful healing that continues to this day.

Powerful feels like a loaded word and could be interpreted as healing that is instant and without effort. It’s not. Sometimes, at least for those living with intolerable suffering, there is power in just choosing to take that next breath when we would much rather give up, or in finding the courage to change what we don’t yet understand: no matter what.

Inviting any positive change into our life, regardless of our experiences, is entirely dependent on what we think and believe, which can evolve. However, because our brain has been designed to always keep us safe and we don’t yet have the conscious control to change the functioning of its threat systems, change isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Every negative thought we have arises from some fear that a hurt from the past is still threatening us in some way (enter the brain’s threat systems). It takes courage to decide not to stay afraid.

My journey and that of millions of people who have come through what others believe would be their worst nightmare (we all have one despite what we’ve already gone through) is proof that with knowledge and the right tools, anyone can conquer just about anything. In fact, it’s our toughest experiences that help us evolve.

As part of my efforts to share what I know, alongside others wanting to create powerful change, I’m thrilled to be part of the Superconscious Success team. I invite you to check in regularly to this blog and my own at www.goodgriever.com to learn more about how you can change and heal for your greatest good too.

For more about my services visit vonnesolis.com.

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