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I think the very first time I can remember hearing this phase, “It is what it is” (well, actually reading it) was on the sports page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper when I was about 13 years old. For many a moon, this particular phase has long been associated with sports, with the “It is what it is” usually coming from an athlete who happened to be on the losing end of a particular game or play. “It is what it is” is a capitulation of acceptance that something was out of their hands, and that they just happened to be on the wrong end of the stick. A belief that “Next time we’ll do better, but right now we just have to deal with it.” Upon considering this phrase after having it pounded into my psyche year after year after year, I realized that it is a statement based in victim mentality. “Well, it is what it is! It’s out of my control. I’m just going to pick up the pieces, move forward and overcome this situation.” This particular statement (known from here on as “2iW2i”) is a perfect example of just how much we have been brainwashed by the dualistic, negative thinking driven by the ego, where everything seems to be outside of ourselves and that we have absolutely no control over it. This is classic victim-mentality thinking and living, and unfortunately it dominates the minds of the vast majority of the over 8 billion people now living on planet earth. Because of this 2iW2i mentality, much of the drama, attack, lack, judgment, guilt, shame, etc. goes on and on and on, ad infinitum.

There Is Something Better

The modern spiritual guide, “A Course in Miracles” states clearly, “Ideas leave not their source.” Consequently, whether you’re constantly spouting 2iW2i, or some other such wording that reflects a mentality of thought that is low energy, negative, and disempowering, then, unfortunately, those thoughts do not leave you. They stay with you, resonate with and throughout your life, and you then really believe that you are a victim of the world. Your mantra of 2iW2i transforms into a credo of “It’s not my fault! It’s your fault, and you’re going to pay for this!” If you can pull yourself out of this continual negative downward, dis-empowering spiral of victimization, you will come to realize that there is something better. This better is a place of taking responsibility for your thinking, actions and words, and moving to a place of empowerment, and remembering your own True Self. That True Self is one where you now remember and live in the fact that you, in true reality, are a powerful creator, who’s birthright is that of a being who is one with All-That-Is, and you cannot, nor ever will be lacking in anything and everything you could ever need or want. Yes, you have the power – now – to pivot on the spot, and say, “I have the power to change what it is, and make it be what I want it to be!”

The Law of Attraction & 2iW2i

 Everything that I have written here is in perfect alignment with the Law of Attraction. The classic definition of the L.O.A. is, “Like attracts like”, or “That which you think and dwell upon consistently, be it good or bad, will be sent to you.” Since the Law of Attraction is completely objective, and if 2iW2i has become your dominant thought energy and mentality, then I guarantee you that the Universe will send you more and more and more to reinforce your victim mentality. The result will be you saying, “See! I told you that it is what it is! And it’s not my fault!” But this is why I am writing about this, and why you are reading this now – to help you understand and remember your inherent power to turn away from the 2iW2i mentality that just attracts more of the same to you, and grab ahold of your inherent power to choose, to flip the switch, to pivot 180 degrees to a mentality that says, “I can create the world and life that I truly want to live. I am not a victim of forces outside of myself! I choose to use my power to live a happy, healthy, joyful, loving, abundant life! I am not a victim!” If you do this, I will guarantee that the Law of Attraction will respond in kind, and send to you all of those lovely, beautiful things you so greatly desire. Remember, the L.O.A. is completely objective, and now you are in perfect alignment and resonating with all of the good that you desire – and by “Law”, the universal law, the Law of Attraction, more and more of that good will be sent into your life. Yes, ideas leave not their source, so why not be the source of all the good that you want for yourself and the world?

Your Spiritual Shift

Topics like what I am writing about here are exactly why the creator of the “Superconscious Success Summit”, Jennifer Matthews and I have teamed up to give you our “Your Spiritual Shift” program. In our program we will help you to learn, comprehend, and implement the true non-dualistic principles of “A Course in Miracles” into your daily life. Also, the core principles and understanding of what many call “the most powerful law in the universe, the Law of Attraction” will be taught to help you become the very real powerful creator that you were born to be. In doing so, you will start to see the beautiful changes in your life as it dawns upon you just who and what your True Self is, a child of God who is asleep within a dream of separation and guilt, but who has the ability to awaken from it all and return home to All-That-Is, your true home.

In doing so, the next time you hear someone say, “It is what it is”, and simply and confidently respond, “Well, no.”