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Article originally published in the May 2007 issue of Indigo Sun.  

For many of us in this world, it is difficult to feel joy, to see the lighter side of what life offers us or to allow ourselves to express joy freely.  We’ve either had the challenges or the negative messages of eh world slowly inch their way into our psyche, adding layer upon layer of invisible shielding, keeping us from truly connecting with others or preventing us from really being in touch with that true part of us (remember way back when) that is pure joy and therefore being our true selves by expressing that joy through many avenues, maybe music, dancing,, art, etc. or just the simple art of laughing. 

But there’s something happening in the world.  Have you noticed?  Can you feel it?  We are awakening.  There is an energy moving, building and aching to Be.  That something is the Spirit of the expression of All That Is and in that All That Is, there contains the qualities of—Love, Kindness, Creative Expression, Health, Knowledge and Joy!  We are at a time in the spiral of human evolution that we are becoming more aware of who we are and what we can become. In the fullest expression of ourselves, we can love, us our God-given abilities and talents, give in service and bask in the light of high vibration.  

I know in my own life journey back to joy, most of my life I felt I had to squelch that true expression.  Oh, I let it out to a few select few who I knew would love and accept me no matter what.  For the most part, though, that part of me that had heard messages saying, be perfect, you are stupid, or you don’t measure up, I was afraid to be the real me—make mistakes, maybe look foolish, laugh and be silly.  I could go on and on about the reasons we are shut down or how I finally broke out of the fear of being my true self but right now I want to convey to you the connection between being joyful and allowing ourselves to manifest our dreams and desires.  

I have been a Certified Laughter Leader, yes, there is such a thing, for many years now, leading groups in learning about and expressing laughter and all the healthy benefits that go along with its expression.  But the last few years, I was intuitively feeling that there was an additional element that needed to be added to what I was teaching—a key piece of information that y soul wanted to impart to the world.  When I came upon the book, Ask and It Is Given, some years ago, I immediately felt the vibrations within my body resonate with what I read.  Abraham (the group of beings who express through Esther Hicks) spoke of the Emotional Guidance Scale, where the lowest scale of emotions would be fear, grief, depression, despair and the highest being among other Appreciation and Joy!  And in experiencing and Being in that appreciation and joy, there lies one of the keys to vibrating non-resistance or that state that allows us to activate, with the thoughts of our desires and the feelings of having those desires, the create power of the Universe to move and mold our individual lives and ultimately the world consciousness to new levels of life fulfillment!  Wow!  That was it!  The missing component my higher self wanted to express!

Besides leading groups in expressing laughter through various movements, The World Laughter Tour, trains us to teach about tried and true principles, when incorporated into our daily lives will open channels to feeling and expressing more joy in our lives.  What I have found, certainly in my life, which had been beset with challenges and now the DVD, The Secret, is that one and probably the most important principle to practice is the experience of being in a state of gratitude!  Nothing will bring you faster to joy than the true feeling of appreciation for all the blessings you already have!

Jesus said in Matthew 25:29, “For all those who have, more will be given and they will have an abundance, but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.”

Metaphysically interpreted, this means that to those who are aware of all the blessings they now possess (and this can be as simple and profound as the ability to see, hear and use our bodies and minds, to having material gain or success, etc.), as they focus and give thanks to what they now have, more will be given.  The same goes with the focus on the lack thereof.  

So, we get clear on what we desire in our lives, what our dreams or goals are, we keep focused on the thoughts of it and the feeling of having it, we let go of “how” it will happen and we Allow it to come into manifestation by keeping our vibration at the highest levels through gratitude and joy!  Meditation is another method that takes us to non-resistance.  IT has also been shown that while we are laughing, our brain waves are in the same state as when we are meditating.  When we are taken out of the place where our minds filled with positive thoughts, we are not focusing on anything, positive or negative and in that stillness resides oneness and joy.

I invite and offer t you today to find the ways to raise your vibration to Joy in as many ways as you can.  Start your day by making a list of what you can be grateful for, meditate, laugh out loud, look for the funny side of life and extend that joy to others!  Be light and be a light!