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Leo - One of the Most Powerfully Creative Fire Signs

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Organization is essential for leo’s as they need control in their lives. Sometimes they may take over altogether because they do not like losing control and allowing somebody else to have control is scary for them. They always think that they know best and can be extremely dogmatic. Therefore it is important that their minds are flexible and they respect other peoples opinions.


The Leo starting is powerfully creative in all areas of life. Some may be creative in the arts (i.e. painting or sculpting), while others may be creative in more lifestyle skills such as cooking or gardening. The Leo's have an infectious vitality (being a Sun Sign) and so not only do they light up themselves but they light up everyone around them. In order to keep this light shining, they must keep their days full and fulfilling, otherwise the light may disappear.


If you are a Leo then you may find that you are domineering (due to your desire for control). As the partner of a Leo, you must let them know that they are not to wear the pants all the time in the relationship. You have equal contribution to the relationship and so you should have equal control. Be aware that the Leo can be a very sensitive person who gets hurt easily and who takes criticism very personally, therefore be wary of how you talk to them. Sexually, the Leo gets a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure from it but instead of the "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" approach, they like to be wined and dined (romantically courted some might say).

The Leo Child

From very early on, the Leo child will have a sunny disposition that is a pleasure to be around. They will have a level of enthusiasm that starts from a very early age. It is important that you watch out for the bossiness in the Leo child, as they may start to boss the kids around at school or attempt to boss their younger siblings around. This is because of their domineering personality. Parents of Leo children, it is important that when criticising do so with humour and affection, otherwise it can damage their self esteem. Also as you raise these children, encourage them to listen to the opinions of others. Appreciate their determination but don't enable or praise the stubbornness. You will find the Leo child may find hobbies that they are super enthusiastic about. If they find this interest, then you must nurture this interest because it will last a lifetime.

The Leo Parent

If you are a parent who is a Leo, you have to remember that you may try to control your child too much and push your views, interests and enthusiasm onto them. Be very careful of that and instead of focusing on your interests, take the time to listen to theirs and see what they have to say.


The Leo will tend to gravitate towards careers that are creative, such as theatre or luxury and glamour trades or those highly professional careers such as lawyers and doctors. They are highly ambitious beings who love money and they love to live in luxury. They make excellent employers because they are powerful leaders. However, they may appear difficult and autocratic at times because they expect high standards of their employees.

Approach to Change

The Leo will resist change as much as they can unless they can see that it is going to move them towards bigger and better things. As they do not like change, they tend to think things over and never rush into anything. 

Leisure Time

If you are a Leo, you may not be big on Leisure time because you feel it is a waste of time and you prefer to be filling your days with professional activities.


The Leo will most likely never retire. Because they love the luxury life so much, even hobbies they have during retirement can be turned into money making opportunities. They need to do this so that they can maintain their luxury lifestyle.


It is very important that the Leo looks after their heart because the heart is the Leo organ. Therefore, preventing heart disease is of great importance and proper diet is necessary. Exercise is important and they particularly like creative activities such as dancing or ice-skating. It is important they maintain balance in their lives or they will end up getting burnt out.