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Any life event that has painfully uprooted you in some way may be related to a life theme. Pain and suffering are common life themes for many people. This could be the result of childhood trauma or one or more difficult losses you have experienced as an adult. These could include loss of a loved one, relationship, job, money or health. Life themes can be identified by their impact and commonalities in two or more events; some that may go back to childhood that set you up for life changes as an adult, fuelled a passion and/or led you to your life purpose.

Within life themes are the major life lessons we have chosen. These may come to us repeatedly through various experiences until we “get” the lesson. For example, we may experience financial hardship repeatedly to teach us how to handle money or no longer fear it. We may experience numerous failed relationships to teach us about self-worth or independence. We may have grown up with a sick parent or parented a sick child to develop compassion or contribute to a cure for an illness. The list is endless.

Some life lessons hit us like a lightning bolt from a catastrophic event. This could be a near-death experience or what for most would be an unthinkable loss. Whatever way they come to us, within the major life lessons are dozens of other lessons we have chosen that are designed to shape and refine our individual transformation.

Because my most impacting life event has been the suicide of my child, loss and suffering is one of my major life themes. So too, is healing and conscious evolvement. Which simply put means choosing to learn over time, how to masterfully work with our inner power to manifest all that we want and need through the connection we have to Source; the Divine, to each other and all living things. It’s a glorious feeling in those moments we truly experience the greatness of this oneness.

It is nearly impossible to consciously evolve without two things:

  1. The desire to become more aware about our existence and all things related to it.
  2. A commitment to the path that will lead us to our powerful transformation.

Spirit is the heart of conscious life and defined as that force which mediates between body and soul. It is only natural then that we must undergo a spiritual awakening for conscious growth. When we choose to become spiritually awake, our inner power is instantly ignited, and it is from this place of power that we come to recognize our truth as infinite beings and can tap into our ability to create whatever we want and need. (It’s not only about money).

Whether drawn to healing, teaching, becoming parents of spiritually advanced children, incarnating as a spiritually advanced person or just choosing to shine brightly every day, there are myriad examples of people demonstrating a desire to consciously evolve and make things better for themselves and this planet.

Conscious growth also comes from our desire to no longer live in fear (all pain is fear-based). Every negative thought we have arises from a past hurt that is still threatening our safety in some way. Because our brain is designed to keep us safe and we don’t yet have the consciousness to change the functioning of its threat systems that warn us of danger, only changing our thinking won’t lead us to satisfactory or consistent transformation. Spiritual awakening is necessary.

Having been on this path now for decades, I continue to believe there isn’t one of us that doesn’t have the ability to flourish through an evolved consciousness in our respective environments, despite the trappings of seeming disorder and chaos that continue to test us individually, as a community and globally.

If we all do our part to share in the wealth of wisdom that’s been around long before any of us, the more we can contribute to realizing the benefits of the beauty that is here in abundance for all to enjoy. Enjoy this short visual meditation to connect to your superconscious self.

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