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Many people come into this world believing they are not deserving of their true worth. Yet, the more we understand that true power comes from within, the more powerful we become.

One of the most important concepts to understand when working with manifestation is that there is enough to go around. For everyone. You only have to tap into this wealth of abundance that the universe provides by knowing your own worth, and then claiming what you want.

Hold up, you might say! It can’t be as simple as that. And you’d be right. Working with intention and manifestation is a little more complicated, but the basic practice does in fact, work this way (see my post on the brain).

Know what you want

Of course, you have to know what you want before you can claim it. And before you can claim your prize, you must know how big a prize you believe you are worth.

Lots of people go through life not claiming what they want. They let life happen to them, often because they don’t have a good sense of self. Conscious creation allows you to summon what you want based on what you believe about yourself, rather than letting life happen to you.

Know your worth

One of the best ways to regain a sense of self-worth is to know what you can and want to contribute to the world and believe you deserve what you want. By regularly practicing the following three exercises and monitoring your progress, you can remove all blocks holding you back and start opening your heart to receiving.

1. Explore all limiting thoughts and beliefs holding you back.
2. Be willing to change your thinking.
3. Commit to transforming your life.

How do you know if what you want is real?

One of the biggest challenges in manifesting is not knowing what you really want. While manifesting from vague intentions can be done the results will vary.

The more balanced you are within, the easier and faster your material manifestations will appear. Aligning with your heart, which is a major source of power from which all else flows, will guide you to always know what you really want and need.

Inner manifestation

Working on ourselves is an ongoing process. The more we feel in sync with our inner self, the more aligned we will feel with our physical experiences.

Part of manifesting inner wealth is knowing the extent to which we are accepting, authentic, compassionate, courageous, forgiving, grateful, happy, healthy, honest, integral, kind, loving, responsible and trusting human beings. All of these areas (and more) are mirrored back to us every single day by what we are experiencing.

Manifesting Inner Change – (Quick Exercise)

If you want to change anything about your inner self right now, here’s a quick exercise:

  1. Think about something you want to change in yourself today. For example, if you want to be more forgiving, set the intention to feel forgiveness for whatever or whoever is upsetting you right now. If you want to feel less angry, intend to dissolve all anger related to a specific situation or person. If you want to be more loving, set an intention to open your heart to feel and receive more love.
  2. Using love as an example, before your rise, repeat the following statement to yourself quietly or aloud ten times each morning (and before bed if you like) for one week: “I intend to open my heart now to feel and receive more love.” Imagine your heart opening and your entire being fill with love. To assist you, envision something that makes you feel this way whether real or imagined. You can adapt this for any intention you are working with.
  3. Keep your intention in mind throughout the week without overthinking it. After seven days, notice what happens. There may be a change in how you feel or view the situation or person, or you may experience a life-changing event (it happens). Alternatively, change may be more subtle, but still noticeable over time.

As you begin to align more with your heart and feel a sense of inner power your vibration will naturally change. Many physical manifestations will flow to you more easily in accordance with the universal law where energy responds to energy with the same vibration. Happy manifesting!

For additional resources check out this guided meditation Dissolve All Resistance to Change and other meditations to help you change your life.

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Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash

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