Jennifer Matthews 28th February 2022

Your Spiritual Shift Segment : Interview with Maureen Allen

We have a real spiritual treat for you today in the form of our special guest, Maureen Allen! Maureen is a Master Channeler, Spiritual Teacher, and Medium. She is the principle oracle for Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, the primary, full-time oracle for Jesus & Mary, and the regular full-time oracle for Buddha. Having had channeling and empathetic abilities since childhood, it wasn’t until Maureen was 36 years old that she underwent a two month long, nightly visit from her 6 Spirit Guides & 1 of her Guardian Angels, where she was able to come into full acceptance of her purpose and mission on earth as being a voice for Master Teachers and Angelic Beings of light & love! Today is a long episode but so powerful with so much incredible insight from the masters.

In this episode we cover:

  • Her story and the challenges she experienced with these gifts as a child;
  • The night Maureen was visited by 6 spirit guides and her guardian angel and the messages they brought her;
  • Live Channeling from Kuan Yin telling us why our world is in the state that it is at the moment and what we can do about it;
  • Messages from Jesus about our role here and what we can do to help the world move past fear;
  • The gifts that her daughter has also been blessed with and how she is dealing with it as a young person; and
  • So much more…Maureens Links