We all know that meditation is a powerful practice that can bring a multitude of benefits. Both Chris and myself meditate daily and it is an important part of our morning routine. It allows us to be centered throughout the day, start the day off on the best note and also connect to our authentic self so we may be the best version as we move throughout the day. When I meditate I experience a deep connection with my higher self and source but I also receive downloads that allow me to make good decisions throughout the day. So we know on a personal note that meditation can bring a lot of peace and tranquility to our lives but how can it help us if we are the busy, struggling entrepreneur or business owner? How can it help us to bring our teams together and increase the productivity in the workplace? How can we finally start to harmonise our lives so that we don't just have peace in our personal life, but also our work life? Meditation is one of the most profound practices you can incorporate if you are wanting all of these results...

Reduction in Stress and Increase in productivity and efficiency

One of the biggest issues surrounding business owners and entrepreneurs, as you know, is the occurrence of stress. After engaging in meditation the mind and body are relaxed, therefore reducing the symptoms of stress and helping your mind to cope with the barrage of information that can pass through it in any given day. As an entrepreneur myself I know that one of the reasons meditation is so important for me is its ability to not only remind me to practice more mindfulness, but it also increases my productivity and efficiency, as well as my creativity and focus.

Increase in Employee Engagement

If you are a business owner or are in the corporate field then you will be happy to know that meditation is a powerful technique to incorporate which can help to promote a powerful work environment. Many organisations are now offering corporate meditation programs and have found them to improve the employee health and wellness, increase productivity and also increase employee morale. Because of these changes it therefore reduces the cost of employee absenteeism but also makes the employee understand that you care for them as employers. On top of that because it improves memory retention and general learning ability it allows your employees to learn a lot quicker and therefore become more efficient and versatile.

Improvement in Connections between Team Members

Finally, if you are an employer and you have teams working together then not only do these corporate programs promote emotional closeness between team members but this relaxation also lowers the emotional defences which make participants more likely to work together on team projects and support each other under pressure.

Increases Confidence, therefore possibly assisting with Sales

Communication with others is important for all of us and the great news is that meditation can also improve your listening skills, increase your tolerance, increase your ability to empathise with others and demonstrate compassion, as well as have an increased ability to forgive others. It allows you to live in the present moment, therefore helping you to focus on that which is right in front of you.

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