Today I have a fantastic guest that I am excited to bring to you. Her name is Megan Taslaman, another aussie naturopath that specialises in Thyroid health. Being a hashimotos survivor and having to deal with the issues surrounding it I thought Megan would be a perfect guest to have on. Although I am now in hashimotos remission, I would love to get some insight from Megan about thyroid health and wellness because this gland is one that is so incredibly important for us to look after.

In this episode we covered:

  • What the thyroid gland does and why it is so important?
  • What the difference is between hashimotos, graves and hypo/hyperthyroidism?
  • What the cause of thyroid disease are?
  • How we may know that our thyroid gland is not functioning correctly?
  • The difference between T3 and Reverse T3?
  • The impact food intolerances have on our thyroid gland?
  • Nutritional and lifestyle strategies we can apply to help keep our thyroid healthy?
  • How may we begin to heal thyroid disease; and
  • So much more...  

Note: This is not intended to replace medical advice. It is information only.

To learn more about Megan and what she has to offer, please visit her facebook page at

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