Jennifer Matthews 28th August 2022

The Self Empowered Empath Segment : Interview with Nadine Macaluso

Today we have a guest with us that has a very interesting story, after going through a tumultuous marriage of 7 years to the wolf of wall street, which she later had to heal from. Her transformation required her to deeply self-reflect and admit her own mistakes. This took her through her own healing process. We are talking to Nadine Macaluso, who’s purpose is to help individuals gain awareness of and express their own authentic selves. She believes, as we do, that the more connected one is to their authentic self, the greater connection they will have with other people. She utilises the NARM method (Neuro-affective Relational Method) which works with one’s mind, body and attachment patterns in an effort to support new and healthier habits which create increased capacity for connection and aliveness.

In this interview, we covered:

  • What narcissistic abuse is and how you may be able to spot a narcissist;
  • What her experience as the wife of the wolf of wall street was like;
  • What trauma bonding is and how it can affect the self worth of the victim;
  • Some signs that trauma bonding has occurred and how we may release ourself from the narcissist;
  • The safe way to get away from a narcissist;
  • What you should and shouldn’t EVER say to a narcissist;
  • How you can recover from narcissistic abuse and POWER up again; and
  • So much more…

To learn more about Nadine, visit her site at