Jennifer Matthews 4th September 2022

The Self Empowered Empath Segment: Interview with Naima Mokhtar

Today we have a guest whom I have had the pleasure of speaking to previously about her incredible work with empaths and energy vampires. She is known as the vampire slayer and we are not talking about the vampires that suck your blood, but instead the vampires that suck your energy, known as energy vampires. Her name is Naima Mokhtar and she is the founder and host of Empaths Unity as a place where victims of narcissistic abuse can visit. In this interview we are going to talk to her about empaths, narcissistic abuse, energy vampires and also how Empaths Unity may help you.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Exactly what an empath is;
  • What the 3 types of empaths are;
  • Exactly what an energy vampire is;
  • Why empaths are attracted to the narcissists and vice versa;
  • The signs you have been attacked by an energy vampire;
  • How you may heal from narcissistic abuse and power up to be in your best power; and
  • What the goal of Empaths Unity is and how all empaths may support each other to help people recover from narcissistic abuse; and
  • So much more…