I am so excited to have my guest here all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Her name is Nicole Alesios and she is a money mindset coach whose focus is to support women to have easier money conversations with both themselves and their clients. In this episode I will be delving into the 8 different types of money personalities and how each of these types determine your relationship with money.

  • What the number one block is that is stopping women from becoming the bad ass's that they were designed to be;
  • Why it is that people doubt themselves when it comes to asking for the money?
  • How you can start to build your confidence when it comes to asking for what you are worth;
  • How you can begin to work in alignment or flow when it comes to business so that you may be a rockin success;
  • What is meant by the term money personality?
  • What each of the 8 money personalities are and how each of them depict your relationship with money; and
  • Much more...

Nicole's Website:

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