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Why You Should Consider Being A Guest On One Of Our Podcasts

Let me start of by saying that I am incredibly grateful that you are considering speaking on any one of our 3 podcasts. I believe that my purpose on this planet is connection and that means not only connecting with other people, connecting with my higher self and connecting with source but it also means connecting other people with each other so that we can work as a team to expand the consciousness of our planet. This is why I created the superconscious success brand.

Book in to Speak to Jen 1 on 1 about the Podcast (*** Optional)

I would love to chat to you about the summit. Please note that this is completely optional and you can just book in and have the interview if that suits you. However, if you would like a pre-interview chat, please book in a time that suits both of us by going to my booking link at https://calendly.com/superconscioussuccess/30min. This chat will be for 30 minutes and will give us an opportunity to get to know each other prior to us both deciding if the summit is a good fit for you.

For Approved Guests Only ***

If Jen has already approved you to be on any of the podcasts and you are needing to get the abstract/bio across to her then you can complete this form.

Learn More About Each Of My Available Podcasts

Published Every Monday (Public) and Thursday (Private)

The Superconscious Success Podcast is a solo hosted podcast by Jen where she invites guests onto the podcast to discuss spirituality, manifestation, connection and/or mindset. On Mondays Jen will be publishing an interview based episode and then on Thursdays she will publish a solo episode which will be private and uploaded to the Patreon platform. If you are interested in being a guest on this podcast then please complete your bio and abstract below and book in for an interview at https://calendly.com/superconscioussuccess/podcast-interview.

Published Every Saturday

The Your Spiritual Shift Podcast is a co-hosted podcast with Spiritual Coach Jen Matthews and Law of Attraction Practitioner Karl Gruber. The content of this podcast is based around the non-dualistic principles of A Course in Miracles. If you are a fan of this remarkable material or would like to be on our podcast to discuss non-dualism, illusions etc then we would love to hear from you. If you are interested, then please submit your bio and abstract below and book into our calendar by going to https://calendly.com/superconscioussuccess/podcast-interview-your-spiritual-shift.

Published Every Tuesday

The Fat to Fit Wellness Podcast is a co-hosted podcast with Jen Matthews and Colette Maat. On this podcast we will have guests from all areas of wellness, as well as guests from both the vegan and keto field. 2 paths to 1 destiny is our motto explaining that no matter what eating method works for you there is so much more to health than just the food on the plate. If you are a vegan enthusiast or a keto enthusiast we encourage you to participate in our podcast as we really espouse the concept of bioindividuality. However, on top of nutrition, we discuss sleep, stress, digestive health and other issues (as Jen is a qualified naturopath also). If you are interested, please complete the bio and abstract below and book into the calendar by going to https://calendly.com/superconscioussuccess/podcast-interview-fat-to-fit-wellness. 

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