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Now it is important that you understand the importance of moving out of your comfort zone and eliminate any fears that may be holding you back. Sometimes in life we need to push ourselves outside of our boundaries and take some risks.

When defining the comfort zone, it is merely a behavioural space where your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimises stress and risk. Because of this low level of anxiety and reduced stress you believe that you are happy.

But I have news for you. Remaining in this comfort zone may make you temporarily happy but you will end up bored and unfulfilled. In order to evolve as a human being and a spiritual being you need to occasionally move just outside of your comfort zone.

Being in this place will improve your performance and all it requires is to maintain a state of slightly higher anxiety and stress levels, but not too much that it impedes performance.

I had somebody say to me the other day that they were happy being right where they were because they didn’t have to take risks and they could stay in their comfort zone. What was my first thought?

My first thought upon hearing this was how sad it was that somebody was content to stay in the same place they have always been and that they do not expect any greater results than what they are currently getting.

The purpose of you being on this earth is to evolve your spiritual being, and to do this you need to do things that you have never done before. That will put you outside of your comfort zone but at the same time it will feel incredible once you have succeeded.

Why do you think it is that we are so uncomfortable when we try something new? The reason is because when we try something that we have never done before it shakes up our vibrational comfort zone.

So, how do you know when you need to move outside of your comfort zone? If you are completely happy and fulfilled and you wake up every morning excited to start the day and thrilled about what may be coming up, then you are in the right zone and you don’t really need to do anything.

What you will find when you are in this zone is that everything flows and so when opportunities come along that is in alignment with what your higher-self has in store for you, your intuition will direct you to do it and you will do it with ease.

However, if you wake up every morning completely unfulfilled, bored and dreading the day ahead then it is likely you are in a bit of a rut. When you are in this situation and you start telling yourself that every day is exactly the same, you most definitely need to shake up your vibrations because you are in your comfort zone.

If you find that you are in a comfort zone and you need to break out of it, then there are many things you can do, including:

• Do everyday things differently. Try different foods, take a different way to work or eat at a different restaurant.

• Take your time making decisions if you are a quick decider OR make a snap decision if you are one to take a while to make the decision.

I know how scary moving outside of your comfort zone can be sometimes, but it is necessary to help you evolve. In order to help ease the fears you may be experiencing around doing this, there are some things you need to remember:

• It will never be as bad as you expect. If you visualise and expect that everything is going to be OK, then it will be. Your higher self has your back so trust that it will look after you when you are taking this leap of faith.

• Nobody is paying that much attention to you. When you are doing something new such as speaking on stage you may think everybody is critiquing every move you make, but rest assured they are not.

• Others are just as scared as you are. When you start to experience fear, just remember that others have been in the situation that you are in now and they survived just fine.

• People who have less talent than you do and are just as scared as you are can do it and succeed, so there is no reason you can’t too.

• The more balanced risks you take and the more you move out of your comfort zone, the more you will evolve.

• By doing something new, you may find something else that you love to do.

• You will find your confidence increase ten-fold by trying something new.

• You will be proud of yourself for taking the leap and achieving what you set out to achieve.

• As your comfort zone expands, new opportunities will show up.

• As you move outside of your comfort zone, your resilience will increase, and you will be more prepared as new opportunities come up for you to grab hold of.

Understanding why it is important to move out of your comfort zone and eliminate the fear now prepares you to take the inspired action that your higher self is instructing you to take.

Please note: This article is from my book “Alter Your Money Mindset” which can be found on Amazon, which is why it is based on money, but it can be applied to anything you are wanting to manifest…