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Taurus - The Reliable Starsign

Reliability is the essential characteristic of the Taurean. They must be in an emotional and materially secure environment for them to function. They have common sense but lack flexibility and therefore needs to realise that thought out decisions may need to be changed sometimes. The often surround themselves with possessions as an outward sign of their achievements. As an earth element they are very grounded (hence the reliability).


The Taurean has a natural charm about them with soft, gentle voices and characteristically good looking. They are known for being a shoulder for people to cry on but you must beware because they can also be possessive. Their mind works methodically, carefully and decisively and therefore they should not attempt to take shortcuts because it will not work out well.


The Taurean value successful relationships as above average importance and they need peace and harmony within the relationship. Emotional security is vital and if it is threatened, then their possessive ways can turn into obsessive jealousy. It is important to keep tension out of the home around the Taurean's because tension can turn their normal placidity into one of anger and rage. They are overly generous people and therefore are extremely generous emotionally and financially to their partner. Sexually, they have a very high libido but they are also excellent, caring and considerate lovers.

The Taurean Child

Caring for Taurean babies is usually a pleasure as they are absolutely delightful. However you may find that they are slow to walk and even crawl due to laziness. Although, when the Taurean learns something, they do so thoroughly and permanently. Unlike the last couple of zodiac signs we have mentioned (Leo and particularly Aries), these children need a particularly structured environmental with rules.

The Taurean Parent

As parents, the Taureans value a strong family life and tradition is incredibly important to them. Before they have kids they make it a priority to set up a secure, stable home before kids. They will want kids to be happy and comfortable, therefore often putting themselves last in an effort to keep them happy.


The Taurean people are highly ambitious and they will create career plans that they like to follow through to success. It is not wise for Taurean's to embark on careers that don't offer regular income because they need that stability. Financial security to them is very important and they will often accept jobs that don't really interest them just because the money is high. Because of their love for money, they are very good in jobs that are connected to money such as bankers, financial brokers etc and also enjoy agriculture, horticulture and music. They have a natural, strong business sense so are very reliable as an employer and an employee.

Approach to Change

Like the Leo, the Taurean's are really not comfortable with change due to their need for a steady routine and structure. This change threatens their security and can be emotionally disturbing. However, if change is inevitable then with them being excellent planners, they will make sure they plan for it sufficiently.

Leisure Time

The Taurean's LOVE leisure. Because they are so generous they spend large amounts of their money on entertaining friends. Because of their ability to be lazy they may also have the potential to waste time.


As they love leisure, they also love retirement. It is very important that a Taurean develops an interest to occupy them or they may just end up wasting time.


The Taurean's love their food and they put on weight easily. Heavy exercise is no problem for them and they love activities like weight training and team sports.