We are so excited to have our guest with us today who is going to discuss the topic of co-dependency and how we may move away from the co-dependency trap and move towards standing in our own power. Her name is Terra Bundance and she is not only an empath herself but she guides others to move from surviving to thriving through co-dependency.

In this episode we covered so much, of which some includes:

  • What co-dependency is and how she came to learn she was co-dependent and so were her parents (hint: something that can be passed down);
  • How she came to learn that she was an empath at a very young age;
  • Why it is that empaths are typically co-dependent;
  • What some of the signs are that you are co-dependent;
  • How we can begin to recognise the power of every relationship, even that which we have with the narcissist;
  • How our past trauma and/or belief system can impact our level of co-dependency;
  • The importance of self-care when we are co-dependent;
  • How parents can become co-dependent with their children and what to do about it;
  • What you should do if you are an empty nester and you are lost now that your children have left home;
  • How you can begin to break free from a co-dependent relationship; and
  • So much more...

Be sure to check out Terra's website at and subscribe to her youtube channel Terra Bundance where you can get some incredible content. At the same time don't forget to subscribe to my Superconscious Success channel.

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