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Sometimes in life, events may happen that displease you. You may start to question why it is happening to you and you will likely start to believe that the Law of Attraction is not working. However, what you need to remember is that these events (contrast) happens so that you may learn a lesson which helps you to grow as a person.

As you grow and expand your consciousness, you can manifest something that is even greater than what you have now.

You may think that you are able to control everything that happens to you by utilizing the law of attraction. Although you may see yourself creating the perfect job, perfect relationship or the incredible abundance you desire, you need to understand that you do not have control over how it is manifested or when it will happen. Your higher self knows the perfect timing to make it manifest and if you put faith in your superconscious it will manifest in divine timing.

In order to get what it is you desire you may need to go through experiences that at first may seem negative and possibly even painful. This contrast is necessary to help us grow as humans and to manifest our deepest desires.

Let’s look at a couple of examples that make it as clear as possible.


Let’s say you are working in a 9-5 job that you don’t enjoy. This 9-5 job makes you miserable and therefore lowers your vibrations. You are constantly focused on “I don’t like this job and I can’t stand going to work every day” or “I wish I wasn’t here”. The universe hears this and suddenly you are sacked. You are left without a job with a family to support. You think this is the worst thing in the world.

However, the universe only gave you what you asked for. You said you wish you weren’t there so now you aren’t. Use this period of contrast to figure out what it is that you really want. Now that you are not in this job you are open to manifesting positions that you really want to be in.

Now you start to work on your wish list as to what it is you want in your new job or the success you want to achieve as an entrepreneur. You make it very specific and you finally have realised what your dream desires are. All of a sudden, your heightened vibrations find you your dream job.


What about relationships? Let’s say you are in a relationship that is based on dishonesty, distrust and abuse but you are frightened to leave because you have 2 kids. You keep telling yourself that you “Wish he would just leave” or “Wish that you would get the courage to leave”.

85 Because you are constantly focused on these thoughts the universe hears it and says OK, he is going to leave. Suddenly, he packs up his bags and walks out on you. You are petrified because you are left by yourself with 2 kids and no job. Now that he has left, you can put it out to the universe about the mate that you really do want.

Be very clear on all the attributes you are wanting to manifest and send out the positive vibrations and your ideal mate will turn up. Without this contrast the opportunity wouldn’t have opened for you to really manifest your ideal mate.

Be very clear on every element of your manifestation because otherwise the universe may bring you something a little different to what you expected. If you remember back to my friend who manifested a partner but ended up manifesting one that was married, you will understand how important it is to be clear first.

So, Contrast is a good thing then???

Yes, it is. When contrast happens, it allows you to re-assess the request you sent to the universe and then allows you to alter the script as required.

It also allows you to reassess exactly what it is you do want, because you need to remember that the universe acts based on emotions, feelings and vibrations so if you are sending out the vibrations to be rich, to be in a great relationship etc then the universe will take the action steps required to make that happen. When you know what you don’t want then it is much easier to know what you do want.

Use these times to appreciate the lesson and know that good is just around the corner. Focus on remaining in that positive state so that the contrast is minimal and so that you can manifest what you desire.

Using the previous examples, the contrast made you realise that you didn’t want another job like the one that you had and that you didn’t want another bad romantic relationship.

Please note: This article is from my book “Alter Your Money Mindset” which can be found on Amazon, which is why it is based on money, but it can be applied to anything you are wanting to manifest…