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Alongside clarity we also need to talk about focus. When you are clear on what it is you do want and what it is you don’t want you need to make sure that you are focusing on the right things. If you focus on the negative things in your life, then the universe is programmed to just bring you more of the negative things. If 105 instead you focus on the positive things in your life (such as joy, happiness, money etc) then it is also programmed to bring that to you.

If you are wanting increased wealth you need to focus on having a lot of money. You can do this with visualisation and by acting “as if”. If you are wanting to be a successful entrepreneur, make sure that you are dressing like one, acting like one, creating an environment that a successful entrepreneur would be in and then feeling what it would feel like to be one. You want to focus on the good things that are happening in your business.

If you are wanting to become wealthy, focus on the money you have in your bank account right now. Start telling yourself that it is continuously increasing, and you are receiving money from expected and unexpected sources.

You may be saying right now “how do I do this because I am lying to myself”. Well, in fact you are not lying to yourself. Your bank account does continuously increase at some point, whether it is from salaries, online business or even interest from the bank. Also, you do receive it from expected and unexpected sources.

I mentioned in the article that you need to be clear on what it is you want. You need to specify an amount of money that you desire so the universe knows what to send to you. However, if you are really struggling to move past your lack mindset then you need to become much more general.

It is in this situation that you start to talk generally about money so that you don’t have resistance to it coming into your life. It is in this situation that you don’t talk about how much is going into your account and instead that it is steadily increasing.

This signals the universe to start sending money to you, which will increase your belief in its ability to do so, and once the 106 resistance is gone, then you are able to become clearer and focus on amounts.

It is important that you stop focusing on the bills that are coming in, otherwise all you are going to get is more bills and more reasons for you to worry. Remember that if you trust in the universe and in your higher self, everything will work out.

I remember a time when I found myself constantly worried about the next phone bill or the next utility bill that was due to come in. I kept worrying about where the money was going to come from and struggled with how we would be able to pay for it. So, what did that bring? You are right, it just brought more and more bills.

However, once I started trusting the universe to provide me with all I needed then suddenly, bills would be credited, unexpected money would flow into the account and less bills would arrive.

Rather than focusing on the bills being a terrible thing I started turning it around to appreciating the fact that I had the money to pay for that bill. I also knew that by paying the bill I was circulating the money as it liked to be circulated which just meant that more money was on its way to me.

Once I stopped worrying about money, I would go to the grocery store and everything I had on my list would be 50% off. On weeks when things were tighter, I would suddenly find recipes that would allow me to use the food I had in the house rather than need to buy more. Little things would happen which provided me with everything that I needed.

By changing your focus from one of worry and lack to one of prosperity and faith, the universe will start to bring everything you need into your reality.

Focusing on what you don’t want will most certainly make it happen. Focusing on not being poor only causes you to be poor. Focusing on not making mistakes only causes you to make mistakes. Focusing on not eating bad food only causes you to crave bad food.

The universe does not understand the word “not” or “don’t” so instead of saying “I don’t want to be poor” say “I desire to be rich”. The universe will only see the main word in that sentence being “poor” or “rich”. Once you start turning your affirmations into “I am” statements, refrain from saying “I am not poor” to “I am now wealthy”. You get the picture…

You need to remember that the mind is not actually able to tell the difference between what is real and what is not real and therefore by maintaining intense focus on that which you desire, your mind will begin to see it as real and therefore will bring that into your reality.

When it comes to manifestation your goal is to learn to focus your direction towards the outcomes that you are wanting in your life.

If you are wanting to manifest wealth it is best that you don’t focus on wanting to become wealthy to pay bills and get out of debt because there is very little high vibration emotions attached to that. It is better for you to focus on getting wealthy so that you can buy a new house, help others and go on as many vacations as you want every year. It is OK to even want to be become wealthy to ensure that you have an unlimited supply of money in the bank to cover any expenses that need to be paid, without worry.

Maybe you want to become wealthy so that you have the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Refrain from focusing on debt because debt has the complete opposite vibration to what wealth does and will only cause you to attract greater debt.

I find that creating focus statements is a great first start when it comes to beginning to manifest. A focus statement is a statement explaining the reason that you desire manifesting something. It is something that you can look at when your mind wanders in the opposite direction and you forget why you were desiring this manifestation to start with.

For instance, one of my focus statements for releasing the 20kg I had put on over the last couple of years after having hashimotos is:

Every day I am releasing stored body fat and becoming healthier. I have so much that I am doing to help me fulfil my purpose in life that I must remain healthy and I know that a slim, athletic, healthy body will allow me to do that with great success.

I am working to help others realise their potential and be confident in everything they do and I know that maintaining a healthy body weight of 62kg will allow me to exude a level of confidence that will inspire others to do the same.

As you can see, my focus statement is based on not how I will look but how I will feel. By attaching feeling to your focus statement, you are putting that into your vortex of desires and therefore setting it up to manifest.

My focus statement for manifesting $100,000 is as follows:

Every day I am receiving money from expected and unexpected sources. I am grateful to the universe for bringing me the $100,000 that allows me to take my family on an incredible cruise, organise my first-class trip to the states, send my parents on an incredible holiday and purchase some electronics that we desire.

This money allows me to purchase new computers, fridge, oven and dishwasher and provides the funds to create an exceptional day for my entire family.

It allows me to create a day filled with joy, excitement, anticipation and fulfillment and is a day that my family will never forget. I know that there is infinite money out there and this is just the tip of the iceberg and I am grateful for the future funds that are sent to me.

As you can see, my focus statement is once again focusing on the emotions that this money is going to bring with it. It briefly covers what the money is going to provide to me but you will notice that everything I have mentioned does not talk anything about debt or lack.

If you are having difficulty concentrating and focusing for an extended period, then there are several exercises you can do. When your mind is cluttered with too much “stuff” then it is too cloudy to be able to truly absorb your intentions and manifest them into reality. In order to make this happen, you need to clear your thoughts and practice your focus skills.


To start to train your focus you need to pick something in the present moment and try to focus on it for a certain amount of time. It may start off with a few seconds, then 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, then a minute and so forth. How long are you able to go without losing focus and distraction? This activity will train your brain to focus on one topic for a particular period of time.

Once you have become proficient in that, then you can start to pick a task you would like to complete and set a specific amount of time to direct your focus on that. Set a timer, turn off any distractions and then purely work on that task for your set period of time. How long you choose is up to you, but the intention is to increase the time as you get more proficient at it.


This is something that is often done during meditation or prior to a hypnosis session. It is during this time that you pick an object in your room (often a candle or light of some sort) and you focus on that object for a specific amount of time. It is good to focus on this candle for up to 5 minutes at a time.


One thing that we should all be doing daily is practicing mindfulness as we move about. We need to remain in our present and focus completely on what we are doing. As you practice mindfulness you need to slow down and observe all the physical and emotional sensations that you are experiencing in that moment.

Please note: This article is from my book “Alter Your Money Mindset” which can be found on Amazon, which is why it is based on money, but it can be applied to anything you are wanting to manifest…