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Law of Receiving

You must willingly give and graciously receive…

Many of us go through life trying to think of what we can get instead of what we are able to give. Focusing on getting is disobeying the law of receiving. As I have mentioned previously in the other laws, energy is a force that should be circulating on a continuous basis and as money is energy, it should also be circulating. By contributing to this process and giving to others it will return to you at an even greater rate in even greater quantities.

Most of us believe that we should not give and then expect to get. However, when you give, you need to expect that you will receive something in return from the universe. Through your act of giving you have now opened the channel through which universal supply is able to send back to you. It has been said for every $1 you give out you are going to get at least $7 back.

There is a caveat to this law. In order to be able to receive you must let go of something. Therefore, if you are wanting to receive incredible wealth, you also need to give to others. If you are wanting to manifest a whole new wardrobe, then you need to eliminate those clothes which do not serve you to make way for those that do.

Equally, if you are wanting to manifest a group of friends who are all supportive and possess an abundance mindset then you must let go of those who are negative with a poverty mindset too.

Start to open yourself up to receiving whatever the universe sends to you, begin to relax and suddenly you will be shocked at how easily you create the life you have always dreamt of. Give the very best of what you have, and you will get the very best back…

Law of Relativity

No matter how bad our situation is deemed to be there is always somebody in a worst situation, so it is all relative.

When I talk about the law of relativity, I like to believe that we are all given challenges in our life to strengthen us and make us able to handle any problems that come up. This law allows us to compare our problems with those of others around the world which makes us see that our issues are not that serious.

I often use the law of relativity when I am talking to the kids. Kids have a knack of often looking on the negative side of things which means you may find them feeling sorry for themselves. When this happens, and they complain that they don’t have the latest shoes or the latest clothes I take a moment to remind them about the homeless and people in third world countries.

I remember taking the kids on a cruise a few years back to stop in Bali where there were kids happily playing with pots and pans in tiny little shacks and eating nothing but rice for dinner. I tried to explain to them that they complain about not having the latest shoes, but these kids are having to go with no shoes at all, or I explain that these kids are in rags and you are complaining about the clothes that you have. Yet they still have smiles on their faces. It puts it into perspective for them.

Now, when we are talking about wealth it is important that you put your scarcity of money into perspective. Even if you are living pay check to pay check, do you have enough money to buy food for your family? Do you have enough funds to be able to pay your utilities? Do you have enough money to pay for fuel to take you from A to B? Do you have a roof over your head that keeps you dry and warm at night?

If so, then you are not poor, and you need to remember the homeless that have none of that. Remember how lucky you are to have the money that you do have, and you will be able to put things into perspective.

Although living pay check to pay check is not comfortable and not ideal, it is also not necessary.

Remember that focusing on the situation you are in now is focusing on the past. Where you are now is a manifestation of something (lack of money) that you put in the vortex a while ago and kept it manifesting because of your constant focus on it. Stop focusing on it and you will start to see your financial situation change.

Law of Rhythm

Everything in this universe has a rhythm…

We know that everything has vibrations (i.e. Law of Vibration) but everything also runs to a certain rhythm. You look at the seasons, the cycles, the stages of development and even the different patterns throughout nature.

Kybalion actually states that “Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides, all things rise and fall, the pendulum swing manifests in everything and the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left, rhythm compensates. ‘

This states that everything on this earth is in flow. Everything is constantly moving. Therefore, by taking this into account you need to understand that money is merely an energy that is constantly flowing. The law of rhythm runs every single aspect of our lives, including finances, relationships, health, spirituality and much more…

What I find incredibly exciting about this law is that as everything has a rhythm or a cycle, we know that there are going to be ebbs and flows. We know that the challenges we come up against are not going to be forever and that if we are patient and believe that we are able to get past them we will move out of that state. If our health is bad, then eventually we will move out of that state to a completely different state.

As you begin to master this law and the other laws of the universe you will figure out how you can rise above the negative parts of the cycle. You will learn how to balance both positive and negative thoughts in your consciousness. Therefore, it is very important that you never allow your emotions to swing too far either way. If you find yourself moving too far towards the negative state of mind, then you need to catch yourself and use strategies to get yourself back to a positive state of mind.

If you are currently financially lacking, then you need to understand that you have the potential to be incredibly wealthy as money is consistently flowing. You just need to begin to feel like you can and then start taking action steps to make that happen.