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Law of Thinking

Your most dominant thought will determine your manifestation and the direction of your life…

If you have ever been to one of Bob Proctors seminars or you have listened to audios from various manifestation experts out there, you would have most likely heard of the “Law of Thinking”. This law may be called by a different name by different people, but I like this term, so I am going to stick with it.

Our mind is an incredibly powerful tool that we can use to manifest our deepest desires, whether it is wealth, health, happiness or anything in between. Everything you want is within your grasp, but you need to activate your mind to work on your behalf.

Did you know that our intellectual mind is the only difference between us humans and other life forces? For instance, animals and plants do not have the intellectual capacity that we do as humans, which is why their presence and participation in this world is pretty much determined from the beginning of their existence.

Humans, on the other hand, have an innate consciousness which they can use to manifest anything they desire. As we begin to start thinking powerful thoughts, we will begin to start noticing amazing things happen. How far you go in life and the progress that you make will depend on what thought patterns you are entertaining.

In fact, your dominant mental state will determine which direction your life takes. This is not to say that you need to be positive 24 hours a day and never think a negative thought because after all we are human. However, the positive and uplifting thoughts must outweigh the negative ones to ensure that you remain in the correct vibration to begin manifesting.

Our most dominant thoughts are the ones which will manifest so if your dominant thought is one of poverty and never having enough then that is what will manifest. But on the other hand, if you tell yourself that you are already wealthy, but you just need to turn the energy of money from the spiritual real to the physical realm then you will be in a higher vibrational plane and you will see manifestation start to happen.

Law of Vibration

Anything that exists within our universe, both seen, and unseen has a frequency or vibration attached to it.

Although most of us focus on the law of attraction for manifestation, there is a law that is equally as important. This is of course the law of vibration.

Whether we are talking about something as miniscule as an atom or a cell, rainbows or even happy thoughts all the way to physical items such as rocks, diamonds and metal, they all carry a unique vibration.

With this law it is important to understand the concept of “like attracts like”. Frequencies within the universe like to come together as one so if you feel happy feelings, then more happy feelings will come to you. On the other hand, if you are constantly angry or upset then all you are going to attract is more anger and sadness. I know which side of the pendulum I would like to be on in this situation.

So, how do you maximise your vibration for ultimate manifestation. I am going to give you the magic formula.

Your thoughts + Your feelings + Your actions + Your intentions will equal your vibration. Once you have this vibration it will align with the orders you have placed within the universe (what 54 you are wanting to manifest) and it will use the Law of Attraction to deliver it to you.

Please note: This article is from my book “Alter Your Money Mindset” which can be found on Amazon, which is why it is based on money, but it can be applied to anything you are wanting to manifest…