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As human beings we all have the right to be wealthy. We are not put on this earth to live in lack and instead we are put here to live our most fulfilled life. This means having the ability to experience anything we desire in our life without question. It means having unlimited amounts of money in our existence to allow us to create and “live” the life of our dreams. When we live in poverty and lack, we are going against what “source” or the “universe” has intended for us. Some would even say it is a sin to live in poverty.

Some may say that it is more spiritual to be in lack. They may say that obtaining incredible material wealth will detract from your spiritual growth. However, allowing financial abundance into your life does not make you any less spiritual than someone who experiences lack. We are put on this earth as creators and as such it is our right to create the life we deserve to live. Our life when we are born and when we decide to descend into our physical body is simply a blank canvas. You can manifest anything that you desire, including incredible wealth.

Do you remember hearing the saying “the rich get richer” and the “poor get poorer”? Why do you think this is? The rich get richer because they have an abundance mindset and an extreme expectation that there is no other way except for them to be wealthy. The poor get poorer because they have the belief that there is not enough money and that they don’t deserve wealth 8 and abundance. Whether you are wealthy or in lack will depend on your current beliefs surrounding money and your resistance to being wealthy.

Beliefs are so powerful and unfortunately are passed down to us throughout generations from authority figures who we trust. If your parents struggled when you were a child, then it is likely that you have grown up with the belief that struggle is inevitable.

But there is some good news. Beliefs, like habits, can be changed through implementation of many different techniques. Within this book you will discover common beliefs you may have surrounding money which are interfering with your ability to become wealthy, as well as some ways that you can change those beliefs.

Have You Been to University???

Well, in fact the answer to this question doesn’t really matter because I was just trying to get your attention. I know that growing up I believed that to be successful I needed to work hard at school, go to college, go to university and get a well-paid job. I believed that if I didn’t go to higher education then everybody else was going to overtake me and I was going to miss out. So, did I go to university???

The answer to that question is, Yes, I did go to university but not in the traditional way. I left school in year 10 at the age of 15 due to being severely bullied by my peers. I left school and went to complete my Business Qualification at TAFE for a full year, after which time I went out to work. My parents left myself and my brother at home and moved away for a few years, with our grandparents just up the road.

9 I moved down to the city from the country to live near my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) and then worked for a few years until we got married. We moved to Germany where I started my own exploration of the internet and started my first online business, prior to moving back to Australia 2 years later. My son was born there so I was determined to advance my knowledge at times when my son was not requiring my attention.

After we moved back to Perth, I decided to study my bachelor’s in naturopathy externally while my 2 kids were still small, so I could help others become the healthiest version of themselves. Although I loved my studies and I enjoyed working in a clinic as a naturopath I have never been so happy as I am now. But what is most interesting is that what I am doing now never required me to go to university. I realised that I could have done this years ago because I have always had a passion for manifestation, but I also realised that every one of us has a path to follow and I needed to follow the path that I did to create the experiences in my life that will get me to where I am now.

OK, so I have gone off on a tangent and you may be wondering what the point to all of this is… The point to my story is that although university is a fantastic experience and if you can go and do something you are passionate about then it is something you should consider, it is not necessary to create incredible wealth and abundance in your life.

Don’t think that just because you haven’t been to university that you can’t become a billionaire because there are thousands of super successful wealthy people out there that have not been to college or university.

Some such examples are:

Larry Ellison

Ellen Degeneres 

Steve Jobs

Rachel Ray

Ellen Degeneres 

Tony Robbins

So, as you can see it is not the university or college qualifications that you have which determines success, it is your desire to do so. This is still hard for many to comprehend because of the beliefs that we have been fed throughout the years regarding the constant focus on competition and lack…

In fact, it is even easier today to access as much abundance as you like because of the incredible opportunities we have available to us. Now we can reach millions of people on the other side of the world which is not something that I could have done when I was younger.

I hear people saying to me regularly that they feel sorry for kids today because jobs are getting harder to find and there is more competition for them to get those well-paid jobs. Parents are placing extreme pressure on their kids to do well at school, so they may go to university and refrain from ending up in that minimum wage position.

Although this is sad, I don’t blame the parents because they are constantly surrounded by media telling them how bad our economy is and how poor the employment is in our country. They believe what they hear because they don’t know any different.

So, what do I say when they tell me this. Of course, I tell them that I believe our kids have so many opportunities today that they never have to go without. That if they are wanting to become super successful at whatever they desire then they can, whether they go to university or not. I believe that in today’s day and age anything is possible…

How much wealth and abundance you attract into your life is based on how you not only perceive your own financial situation but also how you feel about that ink on paper called money. If you continue to focus on your current beliefs, then you are going to see the exact same results as you have been experiencing.

It is important to understand that it is your current thoughts, beliefs and expectations which determines your future. Your current reality is a result of previous thoughts and therefore if you are wanting to become wealthy you need to change that pattern of thinking. You need to change your mindset from one of poverty and lack to one of wealth and abundance, which is what this book is intending for you to do.

It is now time that you take responsibility for your current financial situation. I am not saying that you are to blame for where you are, because often, we are bombarded with messages from the media and even loved ones about how hard money is to make.

We are told that the world is in economic crisis and we are destined to work in a 9-5 job for the rest of our lives and we just need to be happy with the situation we are in.

Although you are not to blame, you do still need to take responsibility in order to change your situation. It is time to stop blaming the economy or things outside of yourself for your current financial situation.

By the end of this book you will realise that the level of wealth you desire is well within you and is able to be created at the drop of a hat if you maintain the level of desire, belief and expectation to do so.

But wait a minute!!! How can I have a wealth mindset when my mortgage is overdue, I have thousands of dollars in credit card debt and I am struggling to put food on the table…

Yes, this is a question that you may be asking yourself right now. You may be struggling to get out of that lack mindset because when you look at the figures in your bank account or you look in your wallet/purse, all you see is lack.

It is important to understand that if you trust your higher self (which will be discussed in greater depth in the next chapter) and the universe to provide you with all that is required then you will never need to experience this lack again.

We, as humans, must understand that prior to experiencing something in our physical reality we must first experience it in the non-physical. Before money flows into your life it exists in the nonphysical realm by way of your imagination, your thoughts and your visions. What you visualise you can turn into a physical, tangible experience if you believe that you are already what you are desiring to acquire. So, if you are desiring to acquire wealth, you must be the symbol of wealth.

Let me explain this a little more.

Does this mean that you are never able to think thoughts of lack ever again?

No, of course not. You may experience times when something concerns you, or you look in your wallet and see moths flying out.

But you must make sure that you stay in this place of lack for a very short period of time and you quickly convert it to thoughts of prosperity. You need to ensure that your dominant thought is that of wealth and abundance and that will therefore become your focal point which will attract the wealth you desire.

The lack of money that you are experiencing now is a result of your previous beliefs, thoughts and visions and therefore you can change your future experience by altering these set beliefs.

If you are having difficulty aligning with wealth because you are focusing on what is now instead of what you desire your reality to be then it is important that you avoid resistance to the topic by generalising your thoughts a lot more and focus on things you are grateful for other than money. This will reduce the resistance you have towards money and help you raise your vibration by focusing on other areas.

You will be given further techniques as you work throughout this book which will help you to remove this resistance…

Allow Your Money to Work for You…

Do you worship money and believe that it is the source of your happiness? Do you keep telling yourself that if you just had more money, then you would no longer be unhappy? Have you ever wondered why money is so important to you?

If so, let me explain why your worship of money may be interfering with you manifesting large sums of it.

But wait a second, without money I cannot do anything, buy anything or live the life I want, so why wouldn’t I worship it?

It may be interesting to look at money in a different light. Let’s say you were given a million dollars of which you could do whatever you wanted with it. You receive the money, you put it into your account and now it is all up to you.

What would you do with it? Would you just let it sit in this account and continue with your daily routine or would you go out and purchase the goods and experiences that you desire?

I would hesitate to guess that you would do the latter. You would use this money to possibly pay for a new car, a new house, some holidays and anything else that you may have been desiring. Well, if this is the case then it is not actually the money that you are desiring, it is what you are able to do with that money which is important.

Money is simply a means of exchange that you can use to design, create and experience the life of your dreams. Money in tangible form is simply a piece of paper with some ink printed on it. Prior to money existing in coins and note form, other currencies such as shells were used. In fact, very early on in civilization, bartering was a common form of exchange and livestock such as cattle and sheep, as well as grains and vegetables used to be exchanged.

The first known currency that existed was in 600BC by King Alyattes in Turkey when he created a coin with a picture of a lion on it. These coins then evolved into bank notes around 1661AD when they realised that it would be more efficient and convenient than carrying around a pocketful of change and so much easier to produce without the need for gold and silver. In 1946 they decided to take this even further and create the very first credit card.

Today we are even able to transfer money over the internet without ever seeing it and there are billions of dollars being exchanged over the internet every second throughout the world. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, this just shows that it is the energy of money which is important and not the physical presentation of it.

Money needs to be circulated. Sometimes fear of poverty and fear of lack will cause us to hold on to money in anticipation that we will not have enough. We start believing that we need to “save” in order to prepare for a rainy day and therefore not enjoy life in the process. Life is to be enjoyed and experienced and money is simply a way to allow us to do just that.

When you look at the “Money Energy Cycle” you will understand how the energy of money flows throughout the world.

Money is simply value. Yes, that is right. How much money you have will depend on how much value you place on yourself and how much value you give to others. Provide value to the world and you WILL become incredibly wealthy.

This value is transferred out into the world and then converted into money form back to you. This money will flow back into your life and you can use it to experience all that you are destined to experience.

According to the money energy cycle, money is meant to be continuously flowing. Therefore, hoarding money because you fear that you don’t have enough will not allow more money to flow to you. Money will flow to you when you believe that you will always have enough for everything that you want, no matter what.

If you believe that money is scarce then all the universe is going to bring to you is scarcity. However, if you believe there is always enough, then money is attracted to you and you will never go without.

When addressing money, it is important that you show it the love and respect that it deserves. You must be grateful for every single penny that you have. If you are in incredible debt right now and you have $5 in your purse/wallet, then appreciate that $5 as much as you can. Appreciation and Gratitude is essential when it comes to manifestation, so it is a chapter I would really like you to focus on.

You must also remember that money is not to be worshipped. It is merely a piece of paper and it is the money that works for you, not the other way around. Money is an energy that wants to be out circulating and wants to be put to good use and therefore it requires the assistance of man to make it happen.

Make it well known to the money that you love it very much but that it has a job to do. It is responsible for going out and providing you with the experiences that you desire and bringing back more friends to visit you.

All you need to do is learn to access the infinite supply of wealth that is available within you by aligning with the vibration of 17 money on a consistent basis, without any resistance.

Please note: This article is from my book "Alter Your Money Mindset" which can be found on Amazon, which is why it is based on money, but it can be applied to anything you are wanting to manifest...