Welcome to The Superconscious Success Family!!!

Here's some reasons why SS can help you to manifest your dream life by accessing your superconscious and the powers of the universe...

​6+ Expert Contributors/Cohosts

Our family consists of myself and ​6 other Contributors/Cohosts that are all there to help you to manifest your dream life and connect/re-connect with your higher self and source/universe.

Each of these contributors have been intuitively selected by Jen to not only cohost different podcast series within her Superconscious Success podcast but also ​to provide both FREE and Premium Content for you to absorb and learn from.

Regular Content

All of our contributors agree to post new blogs, podcasts or videos on a regular basis, resulting in at least 3-5 new pieces of content per week.

​Within this content you will receive either podcast interviews in any one of the series, videos or even blog content. Don't forget to sign up for the inner circle where you will get premium content not available on here.

Intuitive Selection

Not only are the speakers for ​the Superconscious Success Podcasts and Summits chosen intuitively but everything that is posted will also be created only when inspired.

Therefore, you are sure to get some of the best content ever and hear from some of the most amazing people (believe me when I say they are amazing)...


Did you know that everybody learns differently, depending on what resonates with them the most? Because of this, we have split the FREE content into 3 different styles. Continue reading to discover more...

Blog (Read)
Weekly Content From Various Contributors

Every week (1-5 times per week) you will receive content from one of our many contributors who will write articles covering any of the following topics:

  • Spirituality;
  • Dreams;
  • Manifestation/Universal Laws;
  • Altering Limited Beliefs;
  • Discovering your Purpose, Passions and Missions in Life;
  • Learning to Manage Your Emotions;
  • Using Spirit To Create Hugely Profitable Businesses ;
  • Using the Superconscious to create Health, Wealth & Freedom;
  • and Much Much More...

Podcast (Listen)

Every ​Week Jen will publish between 1 and 4 ​episodes from either the solo podcast or any of the podcast series (below). Aside from the normal podcasts you may also get meditations, book readings or additional audio. Remember that the inner circle will contain content not available here.​

​Our podcast is split into 7 different series depending on what you are looking for:

  • ​Superconscious Success - This is my solo episodes where I cover all aspects of spirituality, manifestation and personal development.
  • Your Spiritual Shift - This is the podcast series that I cohost with Karl Gruber about all aspects of Ascension, with particular emphasis on a Course in Miracles.​
  • Peace N Prosperity - This is the podcast series that I cohost with Christopher Salem which is geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners that are wanting to harmonise all 9 anchors of their lives.
  • Your Higher Self Mastery - This is the podcast series that I cohost with Eleni Yiambilis to assist you to form and maintain that connection with your higher self, allowing you to manifest with superb ease.
  • The Self Empowered Empath - This is the podcast series that I cohost with Lisa Campion to help you if you are dealing with codependency, narcissistic abuse or energy vampire attacks.
  • Raising A Conscious Human - This is the podcast series that I cohost with Ilene Dillon for those parents out there that are wanting to figure out how they can form a spiritual bond with their child and consciously parent them.
  • Raising Prosperity Consciousness - This is the podcast series that I cohost with Ahana Lara for those that are struggling with poverty consciousness and are wanting to figure out how they can create the wealth they desire.

SS TV (Watch)
Weekly Content From Jen and her Contributors

Every Week Jen and/or her Superconscious Success Family Contributors will upload one or more videos that will assist you to connect with your superconscious on a deeper level. Some of the possible videos you will find on this channel include:

  • Behind the scenes action of our summit speakers & family;
  • Handy tips and tricks on manifesting miracles into your life;
  • Jen's live tarot card reading;
  • Favourite Meditation/Self Hypnosis Tracks from Jen and the other speakers;
  • Inspirational Interviews, both via Zoom and Face to Face;
  • Practical Videos showing how you can create incredible vision boards, gratitude tools and accessories to help you on your manifesting journey;
  • and Much Much More...


But Wait!!! If You Are Wanting Something More Personalised and Interactive and you are wanting to move along even quicker on your manifestation/spiritual journey, then don't forget to check out our Premium Services too... 

Read on to discover what we have to offer you, with something for every budget...

​​Within the academy you will find a compilation of courses from Jen and the other members of the Superconscious Success Family of Speakers, all of various lengths, prices and purposes.

The SSA consists of ​​6 different levels of content:

  • LEVEL 1Courses - ​We cater to anybody looking into personal development, spirituality, manifestation, wellness or wealth creation. 5 Different Levels of Courses to suit anybody ranging in prices and intensities.
  • L​EVEL 2 - Memberships - If you are looking for more of a membership type style which includes either combinations of courses or exclusive content then these are for you.
  • LEVEL 3 - Brand Packages - If you are wanting to follow a complete brand or continue through multiple levels of the one program, then these brand packages are for you. Some even have certifications available. By purchasing full packages you also get big discounts.
  • L​EVEL 4 - Certification Programs - For those wanting to become certified in different avenues of personal development, coaching, mindset, spirituality, energy work, manifestation, health or wealth creation, then this is for you. 3 Levels Available.
  • LEVEL 5 - Group Coaching Programs - These high calibre programs are designed to help move you through a complete transformative process, whether in health, manifestation, spirituality, personal development or wealth creation.
  • L​EVEL 6 - Masterminds - If you would like to be kept accountable and succeed in all areas of your life, then our masterminds are for you. With a maximum of 12 members per mastermind, the groups are small and we catch up weekly for true success.

​If you are looking for more face to face or live events, then the Universal Consciousness Workshops site is it. This site is amazing when it comes to connecting with other amazing people.

The ​UCW consists of ​​​4 different levels of content:

  • LEVEL 1​Webinars and Workshops - ​​If you are looking for a quick 2-3 hour webinar or 1 day workshop to get the quick answer you have been looking for, then look no further. We have webinars and workshops in all transformation fields.
  • L​EVEL 2 - ​Intensives - ​With our 3 Day Intensives in all different areas of personal development, spirituality, manifestation and wealth creation, you have something to cover all aspects of true transformation.
  • LEVEL 3 - ​Summits and Conferences - ​Our Online Summits and Face to Face Conferences/Retreats range from 3 Days to 10 Days and there is something there for everybody.
  • L​EVEL 4 - ​Live Series - ​If you are wanting something to watch every week then our live series will be just what you are wanting. With live series in channeling, spirituality, health and more it is the new form of entertainment.

About Jen

Hi there!!! Welcome to our family... I guess it is only fitting that I tell you a little about myself. I am a qualified naturopath and life coach, all the way from Perth, Australia. I have 2 amazing teenagers (Jayman who is ​20 and Amelia who is ​18) and the most incredible husband in the world.

Spending a majority of my life growing up in outback Australia, living alongside indigenous Australians I learnt to appreciate the wide variety of people we have in this most miraculous world. I have always been a very positive and optimistic person after having 2 of the most incredible parents in the world.

However, it wasn't until about 4 years ago that I started to recognise that I was living from an almost pure ego-centred world and not from one of spirituality and faith (although I did grow up in a religious household and I always believed in Christ). At this point I realised that I was actually a soul living a human experience and this has caused me to spend the last 4 years working on myself spiritually and learning how to connect with my higher self and with source on a deeper level. 

I began to realise that my greatest purpose in life is one of connection and of helping and inspiring others to also reach spiritual awakening and affect the collective consciousness in a completely positive way. Now I am in constant communication with my angels, my higher self and with source and I am living in an almost constant state of flow. ​

Superconscious Success is a brand I have created, alongside the Superconscious Success Family of Speakers to help you reach those levels of enlightenment that we are all entitled to live and to manifest your dream life incorporating the laws of the universe and your superconscious. 

Jennifer Matthews
Founder of Superconscious Success

Some Areas We Can Help You With...


If you are wanting to understand how Universal Principles work on a deeper scale and how you can begin to use the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws, as well as Quantum Physics to manifest your dream life, then start here...


Are there some hidden beliefs/emotions holding you back from achieving your ultimate dream life? If so, then this page will show you some quick techniques you can use to alter these beliefs, plus direct you to the best posts to help you delve deeper.

Superconscious Success

If you have a business and you are wanting to expand it to exponential levels, then make sure you visit this page. Here we will briefly go over some important principles you must adhere to when it comes to utilising your superconscious and source/universe to create a uniquely thriving business.

Please Note: Although these pages will give you a basic understanding, register for our FREE Inner Circle (further down) and you will get information in greater depth plus receive additional content not available on this site.

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