If you have been around the  spirituality arena for a while you would have heard the term “starseeds”. I became interested in the concept of starseeds a couple of years ago when I had my akashic records read and my soul groups identified, as well as my origination. I was found to be a wanderer starseed (I think that is what they are called) where I originated initially on one planet and then wandered to other planets. What I found out was that I originated in Mintaka, until the planet was no longer and I moved around, residing in the planet of Arcturus also.

Mintakan starseeds are said to originate from a star system called Mintaka (also known as the water planet), which was part of the larger constellation known as Orion. It is now believed to no longer exist as it was destroyed by negative beings in the galaxy. The Mintaka system is approximately 1,200 light years from Earth, and is believed to contain at least three planets, one of which is said to be inhabited by advanced extraterrestrial beings.

So, what are some characteristics associated with mintakan starseeds?

  1. They are highly evolved and spiritually advanced: The mintakans are said to possess a deep understanding of the universe and its workings, and are able to communicate telepathically with other beings.
  2. Appreciate and Respect all forms of life: Being the water starseed, the mintakans live in harmony with the natural world around them.
  3. Deep connection to these beings: You may experience visions or dreams of the mintakans and you may feel a strong urge to connect with nature, and have a deep appreciation for it’s beauty and power.
  4. Desire to make a difference: Mintakans may desire to help others and make a positive difference in the world.
  5. Strong intuitive and psychic abilities: Mintakans are highly empathic and can pick up on the energies and emotions of those around them. Therefore, they are often known as the nurturers.
  6. Strong sense of Dejavu: The mintakans may feel as though they have lived past lives on other planets or in other dimensions.
  7. 100% dedicated to personal growth and spiritual evolution: If you are a mintakan straseed, you may be deeply committed to your own spiritual journey and you may find yourself spending a great deal of time studying spiritual texts, meditating, or practicing yoga and other spiritual practices.
  8. Drawn towards the healing modalities: As a mintakan, you may find yourself drawn toward alternative healing modalities such as reiki or acupuncture.
  9. Optimistic Starseed: Are you overly optimistic. Mintakan starseeds are glass half full types of people who always see the best in others, therefore sometimes leaving them prone to giving too much and being heartbroken.
  10. Highly analytical and logical: May excel in fields such as science and mathematics and may be drawn to careers in fields such as psychology or counselling.
  11. Helps raise the planets vibration: The mintakans come to earth with a specific purpose or mission, including raising the planets vibrations, assisting in the awakening of humanity or working to heal the planets ecosystem.
  12. Help to bring peace and enlightenment to humanity.
  13. Yearn for the water and the ocean: Being the water starseed, it is obvious that one sign is that you are what you might call a “water baby” where you seem to feel at home in water or living around water.
  14. You have many interests: Do you find yourself changing jobs frequently or you have a hard time figuring out what your ideal career is? If so, there is a good chance you are a mintakan starseed because they are interested in a lot of different things so they find themselves ‘pivoting’ a lot.
  15. They get taken advantage of: Are you a codependent empath that is always taken advantage of? Do you find that you have a hard time setting boundaries? If so, then you may be a mintakan. Being manipulative and cunning is not the nature of mintakans and therefore they don’t understand how people can treat others like that.