naturopathjen 21st April 2021


Christelle Biiga is a former Corporate Executive, Radio and TV host, turned Alignment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host. Christelle Biiga, grew up in a strict religious environment filled with judgment, intolerance, and division. Her relationship with her dad suffered from the fact that he had different views on spirituality and by the time he passed away, they were barely in contact. At age 27, she decided to abandon all that she had been taught, all that she knew and embraced the unknown. That journey has led her to a path where unconditional love is the only reality. Today, she helps female leaders gain clarity and confidence from within by finding inner peace. She’s also a Published Writer and Motivational Speaker that has been featured on Authority Magazine, several podcasts, and invited to several women leadership’ and entrepreneurs’ groups and events. She hosts a podcast on Transformation Talk Radio, called “Absolute Alignment with Christelle: When Success Feels Easy”.

In this episode we will discover:

  • What clarity is and what may be causing a lack of clarity in our lives;
  • How you can receive the answers you are looking for from within;
  • Tips to help you obtain the clarity you may be lacking;
  • Why confidence does not come from outside but actually comes from within;
  • How you can trust yourself to have that inner confidence;
  • The importance of letting go; and
  • So much more…