Jennifer Matthews 18th August 2021


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Charmaine Grace

Charmaine Grace is a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Passion Test Facilitator and Speaker. In her quest to discover what she wants to be when she grows up, Charmaine Grace has tried a variety of work, careers and volunteer experiences. It is because of that eclectic variety that Charmaine discovered Life Coaching.

Her purpose today is to re-ignite the sparks of hope and possibility that empower clients to believe in themselves and step into living with more purpose and passion. Charmaine helps clients overcome the blocks that hold them back. She knows about those blocks.

For many years she experienced numerous successes including implementing new systems, increasing revenues, training and consulting, and localizing volunteer training for the Niagara Council of the Canadian Cancer Society. The success were wonderful, yet each step forward resulted in two steps back as she kept sabotaging her efforts.

Finally, after many years she learned why people don’t get what they say they want. They get what they expect and it is those expectations that keep them stuck. Today, Charmaine coaches clients past their blocks and self sabotage, enabling them to empower themselves to take their next steps into living their possibilities with passion and purpose.

  • Why telling our kids to stop daydreaming could be setting them up for difficulties later on in life;
  • Why dreaming big is the first step to manifesting your greatest desires;
  • The role that self worth plays when it comes to reaching our dreams;
  • The importance of moving outside of our comfort zone;
  • The part that expectations play when it comes to stopping you achieving those dreams;
  • How our belief system affects us reaching our goals;
  • How taking the passion test can help you to discover that which you are designed to do and how you can go about taking the test; and
  • Much much more…