2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Margie Ziegler

Margie Ziegler, LMT is the Founder of Dream Life Ignited LLC, a certified Life Mastery Consultant and Transformational Coach, aka “Mindset, Soul Guidance and Confident Action Coach” and the Creator of the Confident Action Mastery Programs where she coaches and trains entrepreneurs, healers and leaders who want to redesign their life and biz listen to their SOUL GUIDANCE, use obstacles as stepping stones, stare down doubt and limiting beliefs, 10X their WELL BEING and CONFIDENCE, so they can tap into their true POWER within.

Margie is also known for her guided meditations, workshops and retreats and her work has positively impacted tens of thousands of people on six continents. She has been a professional in the healing arts for over 30 years, helping people heal and transform in every aspect of life and live their purpose and passion.

Before becoming a coach, Margie was the Founder and CEO of a Healing Spirit Massage Therapy, a Myofascial Release & unwinding, massage therapy, meditation and yoga business with multiple modalities.

She is a dog lover, environmental advocate, and one of her missions is to help create the tipping point for world peace through meditation and mindset practices.

Margie is a Chopra certified mediation and yoga educator, and has completed a coaching training with the Chopra Center for Well Being, and has multiple coaching certifications with Mary Morrissey and the Brave Thinking Institute(formerly Life Mastery Institute), and has trained in Myofascial Release/Unwinding by John F. Barnes PT after her massage therapy licensing and trainings.

  • 3 sneaky tricks your mind will play on you and what you can do to override them; 
  • How to gain a crystal clear vision of what you really want from your life and business (and how to actually get it!);
  • Margie’s specific process for aligning with your soul purpose and passion so that you’re confident in the actions you’re taking to build your business;
  • How to take small steps each day that move you consistently toward your big business goal no matter how busy you are;
  • The 3 challenges most people face which stop them from taking confident action;
  • Her #1 secret to building the confidence to calmly communicate what you want and need from others so everybody wins.