Jennifer Matthews 27th October 2021


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Margaret Loftus

Margaret is an experienced teacher, spiritual director, transformational coach, workshop facilitator, author and speaker. She uses the wisdom of the Enneagram – a professionally recognised personality profiling and developmental system, to help people understand why they do what they do!

Margaret is skilled at working with individuals and groups to enable them to develop greater personal insights and deeper levels of awareness. This inevitably enhances their health and wellbeing in all areas of life. Her objective is to move people toward discovering their true, authentic self, which is often hidden by the defences of the false or performing self. This shift of focus can bring to life the gifts of one’s essential nature and encourage personal transformation. She brings her expertise into businesses and organisations and works around issues of self-awareness, self-mastery and emotional maturity.

These skills lead to growth in leadership development, conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, decision-making, teamwork and inter-personal communication. Margaret has trained with recognised international teachers in Australia and overseas in the Enneagram. She has introduced this process to those she works with for over 15 years, to guide personal understanding , raise emotional intelligence and encourage a higher level of consciousness. On top of this, she also works with parents and teachers to build strong and healthy relationships with children and teenagers and has published a book ‘Knowing me, Knowing Them’ on this subject.

  • What an enneagram is and why it can play an important role in discovering your purpose;
  • How the enneagram can help you to raise your level of consciousness;
  • What the 9 personality styles are;
  • How enneagrams can help you with leadership, emotional intelligence and communication skills; and
  • So much more…