Jennifer Matthews 5th January 2022


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Suzanne Mercier

With a high level background in marketing and advertising in large multi-national organisations, identifying values, attitudes, beliefs and influencing consumer behaviours became second nature for Suzanne.

When she put out her own shingle, working with mindset and its influence on behaviours and performance was a natural progression.  Suzanne specialises in helping talented people move beyond mindset limitations – such as the Imposter Syndrome – that prevent them from living up to their potential.

As one of the first people in Australia researching and sharing how the Imposter syndrome impacts our lives, particularly our work, Suzanne’s expertise has been featured in a wide range of media from women’s magazines such as Cleo, Cosmo, Madison and Canadian Elle. She has also been interviewed in business publications such as Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald and Management Today. And Suzanne has been interviewed several times for ABC Radio National, Sky Business and Ticker TV. 

Suzanne believes we all have more talent than we realise and she’s committed to helping talented people take control of their own mindset, recognise their value, develop their confidence and make their unique contribution to the world around them. Her inspirational message is that each of us has the potential to create a powerful fresh reality that can influence a new generation of business.

  • What imposter syndrome is and the part that the superconscious/higher power has to play in it;
  • How we are able to flip the coin and move our energy to a higher vibration;
  • How we are able to flip the coin and move our energy to a higher vibration;
  • How you can open up possibilities by shifting your mindset and emotional patterns so as to recognise and dismantle your limitations;
  • How you can begin to find a purpose that brings you meaning and fulfilment in your life; and
  • How you can shift your emotional vibration when you find old patterns showing up in your business and your life.