2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Ahana Lara

Ahana Lara is a business transformation and high growth marketing coach who has worked with hundreds of business owners to UP-LEVEL their business in 3-6 months, to add 6 figures (or higher) to their business in that time, and to create thriving, aligned businesses that create impact, but also gives you, the founder of the business, an effortless flow of abundance, time, and freedom.

As a marketer, she has contributed to businesses like The Body Shop, Autodesk, Panasonic and several other companies around the world. However, her biggest achievements has been to help coaches, consultants and solo businesses gain visibility, share their message globally, become an authority and influence in their niche, attract leads and clients effortlessly and create a scalable, successful business.

I am very grateful as Ahana and I are in the process of creating a program called “The Simple Path”, which helps you to awaken to your spiritual side and learn to integrate spirit into everything you do in life, including business so that you can succeed on a whole new level. In this interview, Ahana will be going into the first five steps of the Simple Path to Success process which will most certainly get you on the path to building that thriving business.

  • What the Simple Path To Success is all about and how it can actually help you to create success in your business, career;
  • The number one indicator that may be happening right in front of your eyes that is indicating you need a change;
  • Discover Step #1 of the Process – Having the desire to change and being willing to dig deep and figure out what is holding you back;
  • Discover Step #2 of the Process – What is the deepening of space all about and how can you begin to tap into mindfulness;
  • Discover Step #3 of the Process – Learn to Let Go and Let Be;
  • Discover Step #4 of the Process – Tap into the power of your heart and stay centred;
  • Discover Step #5 of the Process – How to shift into intuition and critical thinking;
  • Discover where you can learn more about the secret Steps 6 and 7 of this process, absolutely FREE.