Jennifer Matthews 24th January 2022


We are so pleased to have been able to talk to none other than Eleni Yiambilis, co-founder of Kalyteros Life. She is such a beautiful human being that has found her true passion as a Motivational Speaker who uses her skills as a Certified Life & Manifestation Coach and Thought Process Consultant to empower others. Utilizing her expertise in the field and the strength of her personal story, she creates a steady stream of programs to help people shatter limits and attract the lives they have always dreamed of. Her mission is to show people that with defined vision and applied belief they can literally wake their dreams and live their most fulfilling lives.

A survivor of a difficult road tainted by multiple forms of addiction, childhood abuse and domestic violence, Eleni has learned to take painful life situations apply gratitude and service to identify the blessings and facilitate growth and forgiveness. Through fine tuning the thought process from fear based to faith based, she has developed programs to assist others to achieve the same freedom. With over 10 years’ experience as a Reiki Practitioner and crystal healer she believes and teaches others how to attract their most vibrant fulfilling life. She also offers reiki and Life Coaching to victims and assists the shelter in fundraising efforts.

A well-known trainer in her area, Eleni has a true passion for fitness and enjoys utilizing the outdoors to help others feel healthy and inspired.

In this episode we cover the following:

  • What the 12 universal laws are and how they intermingle with one another;
  • How healing is an internal process;
  • How you can change your mindset to alter your financial situation;
  • and So much more…