Jennifer Matthews 2nd February 2022


Interview with Martha Clarke

I am so excited to be talking to a beautiful human being today who I am blessed to have on the show. Her name is Martha Clarke and she is an astrologer, astrocartographer and writer and through her knowledge of the planets she helps people find the best place in the world to live in order to bring out their most creative side and to express themselves fully. I am intensely interested in astrology and with the planets going through retrogrades and conjunctions at the moment, I just know you will find this podcast enlightening.

In this episode we go through the following:

  • Mercury Retrograde and it’s impact right now;
  • The power of Venus Retrograde and why it is such a beautiful time;
  • What astrocartography is and how it can help propel your success;
  • Some of the big events happening in 2022; and
  • Much Much More…

To learn more about Martha, make sure you visit her INCREDIBLE website at So much content there… Also, if you would like the audio only version of this podcast, be sure to visit my Superconscious Success podcast on any of your favorite platforms.