Jennifer Matthews 9th February 2022


Interview with Thelma Van Der Werff

This episode is truly going to be an interesting one where I talk to Thelma Van Der Werff about color and the psychology behind it. Thelma is a wife, mother, gardener and is one of the leading experts on the psychology of color. In an effort to teach others about understanding the language of color, she created her Colour Comfort method and wrote 6 books on this topic.

In this episode Thelma is going to share her story about how she became so interested in the psychology of comfort and how you may integrate some of these strategies to make a massive difference in your life. I truly resonate with this because I began to recognise how I felt when wearing different colors or how different my energies were when it came to me painting my office. We are going to go through a number of colors and how these colors may help you in different areas of your life. I am a massive proponent of feng shui, a discipline that also uses different colors for different areas of your environment, but what Thelma talks about is slightly different.