Episode 71

Sue can simply send and receive messages to and from animals. She can do this with living animals, or with those who’ve passed into spirit form. Most of her sessions are done remotely, from a distance, with the same consistent results. She does travel for certain, special circumstances. Animals often love to receive Reiki, and Sue will include it in the session, if the animal wishes, and does this remotely as well.

Her mission in life is to give a voice to as many of our animal friends as possible!

Sue was seen on UK’s, This Morning show, PIX 11 News NY, Good Day NY, Positive Energy TV, Late Night with Seth Myers and featured in an article in The New York Times, March 2007, and other publications, for her animal communication work. She does an interview every third Thursday of the month on Eluv’s “Ultrasounds” show (88.5FM, Tampa, Fl.), where she shares powerful and timely, channeled messages she receives from various animal realms. The show airs from 10pm-12:00midnight(EST), and Sue goes on around 10:15pm(EST)/7:15pm(PST) , streaming at:  http://www.wmnf.org/programs/335. Should you miss a show, her interviews are archived for a week.  Check out her blog, Animal Channeler, at:  http://animalchanneler.blogspot.com. for specials, animal stories and more!

As a Medium, or Spirit Channeler, Sue can connect with guides from many spiritual realms, including angels and archangels, ascended masters, elementals, ocean spirits, and E.T.’s and more.  This gift can assist the people she helps with their soul evolution, and in finding ways to improve their livelihood and well-being. Sue also uses this gift in her animal communication sessions, to connect to the animals’ spirit guides, especially if the animal is in a distracted or distressed state, so she can still receive information for their highest good.

Sue teaches lively, interactive Playshops on Animal Communication, Trusting Your Intuition, Connecting to Your Spirit Guides, Energy Tips for every day living, and more. Sue always brings lightheartedness and a sense of humor to her work.

  • What animal communication is about;
  • Signs that your animal may be trying to communicate with you;
  • Why pets and animals in general may alter their behavior when faced with spirits;
  • How to start communicating with your pets; and
  • So much more…

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