Episode 72

Lainie Liberti is an author, speaker, community leader, teen coach and alternative education advocate who has helped to spearhead the worldschooling movement. After the economy crash in 2008 Lainie closed her branding agency and her and her son Miro decided to chose a life of adventure and so hit the road for what was supposed to be 1 year but are still on the road after 13 years, volunteering and learning from all the world experiences. Her and her son are advocates of the worldschooling movement and have worked tirelessly to bring it into public awareness.

In today’s interview, Ilene and Jen interviewed her on the topic of Unschooling or using the world as a giant school. We thoroughly enjoyed it and believe it will give you a lot of insight if you are having questions about the conventional schooling system.

In this interview, we covered the following:

💥 How Lainie and her son decided to shift from their normal life to one on the road, experiencing all life had to offer;

💥 How Lainie managed to finance a trip that was supposed to be 1 year and ended up being 13 years in length;

💥 What partnership parenting is and how it correlates with the conscious parenting Jen and Ilene espouse;

💥 How intuition played a massive part when it came to keeping each other safe, backpacking throughout the world; and

💥 So Much More…

To check out the audio of the podcast, go to http://www.superconscioussuccess.com/lainieliberti.

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