Episode 73

Wow what an exciting interview we had with Sananda Kryst. Sananda is a Galactic Ambassador to the Pleiadians, an Ambassador to Telos, and a Galactic Nation’s communication bridge. She is here to assist heart-centered women and men move into their reality of Oneness, to move you into alignment with your highest self-expression and soul’s mission. She will gracefully move you beyond duality through activations, downloads, timeline adjustments, or whatever your higher self requests. As an Ascended Master, her multidimensional field works beyond zero point embracing crystalline energies. Working with your highest expression of being to clear, heal, and bring you back into unity. Her work is profound and progressive. Sananda is a multidimensional channel/healer, awakening and activation facilitator, shaman, Karuna reiki master, energy surgeon, codex transmuter/transmitter, stargate, and more. In this interview, we discussed the different dimensions, the importance of connection and trust with your spirit team and we even get to hear some incredible light speak.​

In this episode we cover:

  • Her story growing up and how she was abducted by the grays;
  • The different dimensions;
  • The importance of connection and trust with your spirit team;
  • Messages from the Pleiadians;
  • Incredible light speak conversation; and
  • So much more…

Connect with Sananda to learn more…

Website: https://pleiadianportal.com/

Instagram– @pleiadianportal

YouTube– Pleiadian Portal 

LinkedIn – Pleiadian Portal

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