8 Steps to Eliminating Negative Karma and Bringing in the Positive

Episode 81

I am so excited to bring you this podcast episode today. In today’s solo episode I am going to be discussing the concept of karma. We have all heard about the law of cause and effect and this can also be termed the law of karma. Karma is actually a Sanskrit word meaning action but we have to remember that what follows this action is consequence. This is why Karma has been termed cause and effect.

In this episode you will learn:

🔥 What Cause and Effect Is;

🔥 Why our Thoughts, Word and Deed are so important when it comes to Karma;

🔥 The importance of taking responsibility;

🔥 The danger of holding onto guilt and shame with karmic events;

🔥 The concept of sowing and reaping and how you can begin to do that in your life;

🔥 The reason that bad things happen to good people (yes the answer may surprise you)

🔥 The concept of Karmics and how to know if you are surrounded by a karmic; and

🔥 The 8 Steps to bring this good karma into your life and eliminate the negative.

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