Episode 88

In todays episode on the Superconscious Success podcast, Jennifer Spor will be talking to us all about the Akashic Records. Jennifer is a channel guide who taps into the Akashic Records to help you to discover your purpose. She says that listening AND taking action on the purpose and mission that God has placed on your heart is absolutely necessary when it comes to moving forward. Her mission as a channel and a wisdom keeper is to light the way as your guide to support you in bringing forward the full remembrance and embodiment of your souls gifts and ancient wisdom to be shared with the world.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What the akashic records are;
  • How the akashic records can help with healing;
  • How to use the akashic records to receive the answers to your questions;
  • The sort of questions you can ask the akashic records;
  • How meditation can help you visit your akashic records; and
  • So much moreā€¦

To learn more about Jennifer, visit her website at: jenniferspor.com

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